Intensive English Language Program

Faculty and Staff

Claflin University's IELP ensures that all faculty hold a master's degree in TESOL and are dedicated to facilitating and improving the language proficiency of all students.

Meet the IELP Director

Dr. Eun Jeong "Esther" Lee is the first director of Claflin University’s Intensive English Language Program. She views second language education as a form of cultural engagement, and much of her research analyzes that engagement while seeking to develop more culturally sensitive and effective pedagogy.
In 2013, Dr. Lee received her PhD in Foreign and Second Language Education from Ohio State University, specializing in TESOL. Her dissertation study, titled “The Relationships between Corrective Feedback, Affect, and Oral Improvement,” recently won a Graduate Dissertation Research Fellowship from OSU’s College of Education and Human Ecology. This study allowed her to pursue in-depth research on how adult learners’ affective variables (anxiety, attitude, motivation and self-confidence) mediate their teachers’ oral corrective feedback, an area in which there has been little study to date.
Most recently, Dr. Lee has been teaching four new courses in the Bridging and College Composition Program at Ohio Northern University: two on English reading and vocabulary, one on academic English writing, and one on English speaking and listening for effective academic presentations and discussions. To complement her teaching, she is co-developing curriculum and assessment tools for courses on Speaking and Listening and on Reading and Vocabulary. All these courses target international students who want to improve their English proficiency before they start full-time academic study. 
Through her PhD shifted her attention from classroom teaching to pedagogy research, over the past three years, she collaborated with the Director of OSU’s ESL Spoken English program to develop an effective pedagogy for international graduate teaching assistants. Specifically, she closely observed several ESL classrooms for her research. During these observations, she focused specifically on teachers’ oral corrective feedback, teaching strategies, classroom management and students’ oral English improvement. Studying these classrooms gave her opportunities not only to create much better-designed curriculum and instruction for ESL and EFL learners who are from very diverse countries, but also to understand the circumstances of multicultural classrooms. More importantly, they have driven her dedication and consistent professional development as an educator, researcher, and scholar in the ESL and TESOL field. For this reason, she has presented new research every year at the TESOL Convention and AAAL Conference, and has developed several conference papers into article-length studies.
Dr. Lee spent the last six summers developing her own ESL immersion program in her hometown in Korea, and during this time was a co-leader of the program. Her academic and practice experiences have helped her to develop the leadership and pedagogical expertise needed to supervise and help develop students at Claflin University.