6 Benefits of Joining the IELP


1. Conditional Admission: Upon completing the IELP, students receive provisional admission into their major field of study at Claflin. 

2.  No TOEFL Requirements: After completing the IELP, students can move on to Claflin’s full-time academic program without taking the TOEFL. TOEFL scores are not required for IELP admission.

3. Fast Oral English Improvement: 
The IELP focuses on improving students’ confidence and English pronunciation, two key steps to rapid English improvement. Students learn and practice their English in a range of formal and informal contexts, not just in the classroom!

4. Customized Individual Tutoring: 
IELP professors provide each IELP student with weekly individual tutoring. This plays a platform to recognize his or her weaknesses and strengths for their English proficiency, and help them be fluent English speakers. 


5. Extensive Support Networks:
Because studying in a new country can be challenging and stressful experience, our program offers many resources to help ESL and EFL students overcome a range of cultural and linguistic obstacles. Claflin’s faculty, staff, and students are friendly and helpful, and the IELP director personally tracks and supports each student’s social and linguistic progress.

6. Convenient On-Campus Facilities:
All IELP students have access to Claflin University campus facilities, which include computer labs, a student union, a fitness center, a library, a health center, and tutoring services.