Intensive English Language Program

Claflin University provides a twelve-month, research-based Intensive English Language Program (IELP) for students whose native languages are not English. The goal of this program is to enable students to improve their English language proficiency rapidly and effectively, so that they can move on to study one of Claflin’s 36 academic majors, and to help adjust to American classroom cultures and university environments. The IELP uses a three-semester course sequence: each Fall and Spring semester has two seven-week terms, while summer semester has one seven-week term. We offer six levels of language instruction, each with six core courses: Pronunciation, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Reading, and Writing. Elective courses include American Culture, English Conversation Practice, and One-on-One English Tutoring. Based on extensive research on English proficiency development among second language learners and global trends in English education, the IELP utilizes different teaching models, techniques, and approaches in order to give students a deeply satisfying English learning experience.

The English Conversation Partners (ECP) program is designed to supplement the IELP, and give IELP students more opportunities to practice what they have learned in class. Specifically, the ECP program matches an IELP student to an American student from Claflin’s Department of English and Foreign Languages. American students will share their own cultures and experiences with their international conversation partners, and learn more about their partners’ home countries and cultures. This approach effectively improves international students’ motivation to learn English, their oral English proficiency, and their understanding of American university cultures. More importantly, their informal English conversations help forge strong intercultural friendships among Claflin students.

Benefits of Joining Claflin University's IELP

  • Students experience living and studying in one of the most historic locations in the nation.
  • Students receive provisional admissions into their major field of study upon completion of the IELP.
  • No TOEFL score is required to enter the program, and students are not expected to take the TOEFL Exam upon completion of the program.
  • All IELP students have access to Claflin University campus facilities, which include computer laboratories, student union, fitness center, library, health center and tutoring services.