Claflin University Launches New Interactive View Book

Jan 10, 2014

Screenshot from Claflin ViewbookClaflin University launched its new, cutting-edge interactive view book Friday, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the student experience at Claflin University in a unique, innovative way. The traditional printed undergraduate admissions brochure has been transformed into a digitized online format for prospective students.

“The interactive view book takes our more traditional admissions brochures to a whole new level,” Claflin’s Director of Admissions Michael Zeigler said. “At, students can hear the passion in our instructors’ voices, see the beauty of our campus, listen to our students talk about their experiences at Claflin, and read about what some of our more notable graduates have accomplished in their careers and lives.

“The interactive view book is the next best thing to visiting Claflin University in person – and you can do it from virtually anywhere."

The view book can be accessed via personal computer, tablet, smartphone or other online-capable device and includes a wealth of information broken down into six sections: “Visionary Leadership” explores the influence of individuals both past and present on the University; “Academic Excellence” offers a look at the programs and research that make Claflin a top-ranked liberal arts institution; “Life at Claflin” showcases opportunities for students to get involved on campus; “Real-World Experience” takes a look at the wealth of opportunities for students outside of the halls and walls of Claflin; “Life After Claflin” tells the story of a few of the University’s most notable graduates; and “Next Steps” includes all of the necessary information to become a Claflin student.

“The interactive view book, while supporting the other admissions print pieces, serves also as a conversion tool – encouraging students to request more information and/or visit,” said Lauren Herrington, senior account manager at New York-based Creative Communication Associates, which designed the site.

“For applicants who avoid mailing and contact lists, in particular, who the University might not otherwise know about until receiving an application, the interactive view book will offer valuable information and another opportunity to connect with Claflin, presented in an engaging, fresh and creative way.”

The new Claflin interactive view book will enable recruiters to reach a broader population of high school students all over the world. It also provides an opportunity to further highlight the University and keep the view book content vibrant, alive and changing.

The view book is the center of an admissions campaign that began in the fall with the release of new recruitment brochures. With the addition of the microsite, the Office of Admissions is confident that all the tools are in place to take recruiting efforts to a new level.

“I hope prospective students will enjoy browsing the many wonderful things Claflin has to offer as they begin their college search process,” Zeigler said. “We hope they return frequently for more information.”

Visit now to learn more about Claflin University. For more information, call the University’s Office of Admissions at (803) 535-5342.

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