'Wounded': City native, Claflin alum set to release new short film about child molestation

Jul 11, 2016

The Lawton brothers have come back to their hometown of Savannah after the death of their Uncle Joe.

During the reunion, Kendrick, Jeff, Carl, Akeem and Patrick come face-to-face with the pain of their past. The scars of their childhood resurface, leaving each of the brothers to reflect on the man staring back at them in the mirror.

Their journey takes several twists and turns as they grapple with the reality of their circumstances and cope the best way they know how. At times, the brothers turn to violence, alcohol and women to deflect from the real issues at hand. It’s not until the five men and their father peel back the layers of anger, distrust and recycled trauma and abuse that true healing can take place.

The Lawton brothers are fictional characters in the soon-to-be released short film "Wounded," which was written and directed by Orangeburg native and 2011 Claflin University graduate Alan Brooks, who also stars in it. He says any one of these men could be your neighbor, co-worker, friend, family member or son.

Brooks said the film deals with what he says is the code of silence and stigma associated with the “M” word, or molestation, in any community, but in particularly the African-American community.

Everyone has a story, Brooks noted. Some stories are a little darker than others, and for that reason, he said he wants his first short film to be a conversation starter -- a bridge and maybe the hope someone needs to seek help.

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