'We need a political revolution,' Bernie Sanders says at Claflin

By: Jordan Geddis
Feb 26, 2016
Bernie Sanders Speaking at Claflin
Bernie Sanders addresses a rally at Claflin on Friday, Feb. 26. (Panther photo by Robriguez Green)

Students cheered and laughed as Sen. Bernie Sanders joked with them after having technical difficulties.
Sanders came to Claflin University Friday as part of his HBCU Tour. The event was held in the Jonas T. Kennedy Center, where students and the community of Orangeburg came out to hear the presidential candidate speak about his plans if he gets elected as president.
Sanders hit on topics such as:

*Female equality
*Voting rights

"We should make public college tuition-free," Sanders said.
Sanders encouraged students in the audience to become teachers and educate.
Sanders wants to put money into jobs and education.
"We are going to hire teachers, not fire teachers," Sanders said as a solution to unemployment.
Sanders believes some people get too big of a penalty for small crimes such as possession of marijuana.
"It shouldn't be a federal crime," Sanders said.
Sanders also hit on police brutally.
He believes the reason for this is because a lot of police officers are over policing.
"We need police officers that look like the diverse community they are servicing," Sanders said.
Sanders says he wants to make it easier for people to vote.
"If you're 18, you have the right to vote -- end of discussion," Sanders said.
Sanders thinks there is a lot of work to be done.
"No president can do it alone," Sanders said "We need a political revolution."   
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