Andre 3000, Beyoncé: Students become professional performers

By: Tarryn Delyons
Nov 18, 2015

Claflin University presented a Homecoming talent show during which students imitated the personas and performances from popular music artists.

Host La‘Quentin Jenkins hyped up the crowd throughout the event.

Jenkins told students to be courteous to the performers. The audience complied by clapping and dancing along to the music. 

Jenkins introduced the first act, which imitated the hip-hop artist Andre 3000. 

The crowd laughed when they saw Michael handling the microphone the same way Andre 3000 does in his music video “Hey Ya.” 

He moved across the stage in the same fashion as Andre 3000 and mimicked the facial expressions perfectly. 

Most of the crowd was ecstatic about the next performance, two females performing to Salt and Peppa song “Push it.” They moved around enthusiastically on stage and danced like the 90's style.  

Jenkins came out and humored the crowd after the performance. 

"Ain't nothing like a big girl that can dance oooooowwe!"  Jenkins said.

After a girl performed a gospel song made by Tamela Mann, “Take Me to the King,” Jenkins came out and complimented her performance, saying he enjoyed hearing a nice gospel song.

Another performance in the program was an all-girl group called TKO. They glided across the stage and breathlessly took in the crowd with their choreography. 

Then they moved off the stage, dancing up the aisle until they moved out the entrance. The crowd cheered. 

The next two performances were a girl performing a song by Brandy and another girl performing a song by Beyoncé called “Single Ladies.” 

Between each performance there was music played so the students could enjoy the songs and dance to the music.

The girls who performed the Salt and Peppa song, Beyoncé and Brandy’s song were chosen as winners.

The Beyoncé performer received a $100 first prize, with second getting $50 and third receiving $25.

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