Clinton, Sanders rallying at Claflin, S.C. State

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Feb 26, 2016
Claflin and South Carolina State are ground zero Friday in the Democratic presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The Sanders campaign announced late Wednesday that he will hold an HBCU Tour and Rally at Claflin’s Jonas T. Kennedy Center at 5:30 p.m. Friday. Admission is free and open to the public, although the campaign suggests registering by visiting

Next door at S.C. State, Hillary Clinton will be at S.C. State’s Dukes Gym for a get-out-the-vote HBCU rally at 4:45 p.m. Doors open at 3:15 p.m. Registration is suggested at

As the campaign in South Carolina reaches its climax ahead of Saturday voting in the Democratic presidential primary, Panther reporters offer these reports:

How is Sanders is going to get it all done?


With this week being the main focus of campaigns of both Democratic candidates ahead of the South Carolina primaries, some students from Claflin University share their views and opinions.

Students were asked mainly about one of the Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is quite popular among the youth, especially college students.
• Jasminn T. Dow, a sophomore majoring in mass communications, thinks Sanders is a good choice over Hillary Clinton. She thinks Sanders has some good policies and is a strong advocate for African-Americans welfare.
“In his commercials you can actually see him doing work,” she said. “You can actually see him walking with African-Americans, see him doing work. This is evidence that he is here for African Americans.”

• “I think that he is a really good candidate but he’s making a lot of promises and I want to know how he is going to do that,” said Autumn B. Staggers, a sophomore. She cites examples of Sanders’ promises such as legalizing marijuana and making college free.
She said Sanders and Clinton are making the same promises. Who should she believe?
“I think a lot of college students like Bernie Sanders because Twitter has made him famous and college students are into illegal stuff which he says he is going to make them legal,” Staggers said. “Also he is more relatable to the people than Clinton is.”

• “I think he is a great candidate because he is for black lives matter, however he hasn’t told anybody how he is going to do it. … That’s the only problem I have with Bernie Sanders,” Jordan L. Geddis said. 
Geddis thinks a lot of young people like Sanders because he was part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights campaign. As of now, he is not sure which Democratic candidate is the better choice. He is still weighing his options.

Clinton believes in real change


Freshman Jasmine Washington is a criminal justice major from Vance who supports Hillary Clinton. 

“One reason I support and plan on voting for Hillary Clinton is because she promises to end injustice against LGBT Americans,” Jasmine said.

 “As a college student, I also support Hillary Clinton because she believes in making public college debt free,” Washington said.

Junior Justin Graham is a business administration major from Florence who supports Clinton.
“I plan on voting for Hillary Clinton because she believes in making a change in society,” Graham said.

“Another reason I support Hillary Clinton is because she plans on raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour and she proposes tax credits for jobs,” Justin Graham said.

Sanders is right on the issues


Democrats will hold their South Carolina primary on Saturday, Feb .27, with Hillary Clinton expected to win. But most students seem to be placing their votes on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. 

One student, senior Yusuf Robles, believes youth are supporting Sanders because of the issues he talks about like the legalization marijuana and free/cheaper college.

“I support him for the same reason, along with his concern for the lower/middle classes,” Robles said.

This is his first election that he’s considered voting. However, he does not plan on voting.

Senior Anthony Simmons believes young people, especially minorities, support Sanders because he fights for racial equality. 

“He fights to end the system that profits from imprisonment, he wants cheaper college and education, and [he] takes many stances that benefit younger people,” Simmons said. He plans on voting and will be voting for Sanders because he believes in this stand on the issues. 

Another student, senior Richard Frazier, plans on voting and also supports Bernie Sanders in this political race, saying Sanders might be able to rework American infrastructure. Frazier believes Sanders has a track record of being on the front lines. 

“People are tired of working just to get by,” Frazier said. As president, Sanders will be able to carry more weight.

The most benefits for youth


“Bernie Sanders is trying to make tuition low because he knows that most college student don’t have a lot of money but want an education,” Robert Green says. “I support Bernie Sanders because he is for the people and he is trying to make a better future for not just us but our children.”

Green said, “Yes I am voting.”

“So many people are voting for Sanders because he seems to offer the most benefits for youth. I support Sanders because of this reason and because everyone else around me does,” LaQuayvious Hanna said.

“No, I'm not voting.”

‘Sanders is for African-Americans’


On Monday, a group of Claflin students gathered to discuss the Democratic and Republican primaries. 

Q: Why are so many young people voting for Bernie Sanders?
• “Many young people don't believe Hillary is ready for presidency and isn't capable.”
• “Because Bernie Sanders is the most trustable candidate.”
• “Because Sanders is for African-Americans and is trying to help us out. And also because he is trying clear college students’ tuition.”

Q: Do you support Sanders or Clinton? Why?
• “I … support neither because I don’t agree with … their views.”
• “I don't trust Trump or any other candidates and he (Sanders) seems the least likely to turn America into a confederacy.”
• “Sanders, because he is for African-Americans.”

Q: Are you voting?
• “No, I will not be voting.” 
• “No I will not be voting.”
• “Yes, I am voting.”

Two in support of Clinton


Why do you think so many young people are supporting Bernie Sanders? Are you supporting Sanders, Clinton or someone else? Why? Are you voting? 
• Tiana Bush, junior -- "I know most people do (support Sanders) because that's who their parents support."
Bush is supporting Clinton. "I think she's the most fit and has the most experience out of everybody."
Bush does not plan to vote.
• Shanquel Young, senior -- "They agree with his platform,” she said of young people’s support for Sanders.
"I support Clinton,” she said. "I feel like she has more to offer."
"I already voted."

Trying to decide


Senior Darryl Bynem said Bernie Sanders appeals to the middle class.

“I think people support Bernie Sanders because he appeals to the middle class. He appears to really care about the middle class community.
“I personally support Clinton and Sanders for their views. But at the time I am still trying to discern who is really for the good of the people.”

A voice and time to use it


On Feb. 24 at Claflin University's Student Center, several students let their voices be heard on the presidential election.
Some comments:
• “We have a voice and it’s time for us to use it.”

• “ I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton because she is standing up for all the women in the U.S who want to be president someday, making it less intimidating to stand around and wait for men to do the job.”

• “ I don’t think Trump has the right to be standing where he is now with the way he has been using words to persuade others and they sit there and follow his lead without thinking about the effect it will have on the future.”
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