December commencement among issues identified by students

By: Various
Feb 20, 2016
President Tisdale Speaking into Microphone

Dr. Henry N. Tisdale told students their input would be taken seriously – and the Claflin president and university administrators got feedback during a town hall meeting on Feb. 20 to outline a proposed long-range plan.
• A senior stood up to say High Rise dorm needs remodeling, classrooms in the gym building need new desks and boards, and the cafeteria is overcrowded, with not enough seating for everyone.
She took her seat as students applauded.
• Another student stood up and spoke about adding a December graduation date, meaning Claflin would hold two commencement ceremonies.
• Another student asked in regard to academics: “Could you or your committee implement real estate classes into the curriculum?” He was advised to begin by considering taking classes in financial literacy concerning real estate.
• Another student suggested the term “HBCU” be maintained in describing Claflin University as it is part of the school’s identity. Two others spoke out in agreement.
• A senior student said she is concerned about Pizza Hut and Jazzman’s Café. She stated that she is tired of being late to class due to waiting in long lines and waiting to receive food.
Tisdale and others said some suggestions are already being discussed, including the possibility of a December commencement.  He encouraged students to let administrators know what should be improved on campus.  
"Many of the things you mentioned are already being considered," Tisdale said.
The Claflin long-range plan is still being developed with input from students, faculty and staff.
The final plan is to be presented to the board in June 2016.
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