Does Mr. Right Exist?

By: Kyana Atkins
Mar 17, 2015
Often we hear “ college is going to be some of your best days, it’s the place where you will meet your future husband”. Well, its senior year and graduation is rapidly approaching, still no Mr. Right.
So I begin to wonder if Mr. Right truly exists or is he an idea created to give us hopeless romantics,something to believe in. 
I had the chance to speak with Claflin Senior, Cherrelle Martin, who is getting married this summer to her Mr. Right. 
Cherrelle, like most college women believed that she would meet her future husband during her collegiate years. 
“I thought I would meet somebody at Claflin, that’s what suppose to happen in college. I now realize that is a rare thing. I would say however, during the college years as you learn and grow to build your future you begin to think about life after college and marriage, and the feeling that you haven't met Mr. Right, now what’s going to happen kicks in.” 
Cherrelle met her Mr. Right in the 8th grade, what begin as years of friendship, recently turned into the joining of soulmates.
 Cherrelle may not have met her Mr. Right on campus but her advice to other collegiate women is,” wait on the right person, it might not be your time right now, but your moment is coming.”  
So now my original question shifts from does Mr. Right exist to are college years meant to be the years we get ready to meet Mr. Right. 
Is this the time for me to prepare myself for what happens when Mr. Right eventually comes into my life ? I believe so, college is the time where we are supposed to find ourselves and grow into the person we want to be when we walk across the stage in May. For much of my college years I viewed my future in terms of having a great career and the day I buy my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Now when I visualize my future I see myself as a career woman, wife and mother. I had to get a place where I am now ready for Mr. Right.  I asked Claflin Senior Keneisha Corbett ,how do you know when you're ready? “ You have to be comfortable with yourself, you need know what you want in life, college is the time for you to do that, when you get to that point you will know you're ready.”  So you're ready for Mr. Right and he is ready for you, now what? Cherrelle Martin, 22 felt marriage was the next step with her Mr. Right. “ At first everyone was concerned, even I felt like we might be too young, but I realized I am ready, he's ready, we’re ready, it felt right. She goes on to say, “I was comfortable with him, we’ve watched each other grow. Our history played a big role in the decision.”  Cherrelle knows that being young, fresh out of college and married isn’t going to be easy but she and her fiancé are ready for the challenge. The couple will wed in August. To answer the age old question does Mr. Right exist, I say yes he does, you have to be ready for him when he does arrive. Until then enjoy your college years and continue to evolve into the visionary women Claflin molds us into becoming. 
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