Drey's Diaries

By: Audrey Datieka
Feb 13, 2015
This my first piece of the year and I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. We are in the month of love which has gotten a lot of couples really excited. However for those who are single, do not be discouraged. This is also a time to celebrate self-love. This month is also Black History Month. I would not say much but leave you guys with a poem I wrote in high school:
“We are who we are.
We were what we were.
We are what we were.
We are the dreams woven in the stars shining across the starry skies.
We are the fuel burning with desire buried within the soul.
We are who we are 
We become what we become
We are what we became
We become the wind whispering in the woods, twirling and dancing with the leaves.
We become one with the yellow smiling sun, warming the four corners of the earth.
But what are we if we were to be in the shadows
Who are we becoming if we let our voices become voiceless?
What were we becoming if we did not stand tall discovering all covers
Dreaming with imagination; imagination coupled with creativity, upright with innovation
They said we are becoming the unbecoming
Because we stood with one voice in perfect symphony
With roots from the dusty footfalls of Africa, 
We are what we were
We are who we became.”
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