Durant cites Claflin improvements, says tuition increase likely in 2015-16

By: Andres Waters
Mar 04, 2015
Dr. Leroy Durant Speaking to Mass Communications Students
Claflin Vice President Dr. Leroy Durant talks with mass communications students during a news conference on March 3. (Panther photo by CJ Riley)

Dr. Leroy Durant held a news conference on March 3 to discuss the status of the university and tell students about what they can expect in the future.
Durant, the university’s vice president of student development and services, said changes on campus have improved the student experience.
“Claflin’s top priority will always be the students that come to the university [and] making sure they succeed,” he said.
Durant noted the addition and opening of Claflin’s new co-ed dorm, the Commons, the addition of 22 security cameras throughout the campus and parking lots, as well as the addition of emergency phones.
The locations of the cameras include: GTK, Asbury (2), Goff parking lot, Chapel, East Hall, JST, Gym, South Hall, Kleist, High Rise (2).
Cameras were not added to monitor students, Durant said. They are to increase security, with university public safety personnel doing the monitoring.
“More eyes may make the students feel more secure,” he said.
Regarding future improvements, Durant said the next project for the university will be paving the parking lots along Goff Avenue during the summer.
Beyond that, he informed students the university has plans to expand the Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Education Center by adding another common-use area for students as well as a pool.
Meanwhile, he said there could be an increase in tuition in the coming year due to budget cuts.
“These are tough times for high[er] education,” he said. “In public education today, throughout the United States there are a tremendous amount of cuts being made … the thing you have to do is manage what you have and I think Claflin has managed effectively.”
He said the university has the fourth lowest tuition rate of private institutions in the state and there has not been an increase since the 2011-12 school year. Current tuition is $7,600 per semester.
Despite the possible increase, Durant said the university’s main goal is to keep students in college. “But they (students) have to do their part as well.”
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