Inktober expresses Claflin's hidden talents

By: Michael Alston
Oct 18, 2015
It is now "Inktober," according to artists Larry Wells and Justin James.
Inktober is a challenge for artists. The task is to complete an ink drawing for every day of October.
The trend was started a few years ago by former Claflin students.
Wells, a senior majoring in art, wants to expose the campus to the talent in the art department.
"Claflin's art department decided to use this month and this occasion to showcase our talents amongst our peers," Wells said.
All of the artwork done for Inktober has to be in pen.
"Inktober gives us a period to show the world what we can do with a pen and whatever mistakes we incorporate into our work," said James, a sophomore majoring in art.
Both students have taken their art to social media to spread the word about Inktober.
 "I'm more concerned about building my fan base. I plan to have art available for purchase as low as 10 to 20 dollars," Wells said.
Art from Inktober can be viewed in the art department as well as on Instagram.
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