Miss Claflin's coronation goes back in time

By: Krystal George
Sep 23, 2015
Miss Claflin took the audience to the 1920s with her Great Gatsby-themed coronation.
The 2015 Miss Claflin Coronation of Aria Dillard was a "Timeless" celebration showcasing the Great Gatsby era. Aria was presented in a finale to Pulse Dance Company's 1920s dance tribute to "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Benny Goodman.
"That was the best coronation I've attended since being at Claflin," junior Curtis Patterson said.
Class and campus queens were active parts of the program. They were presented individually and performed a group dance in 1920s-themed party dresses, headpieces and jewelry. Campus kings served as escorts.
After being crowned by President Henry Tisdale, Miss Claflin's monologue recording was played as she presented gifts to her parents as well as thanks and acknowledgements to her friends and family.
"It was nice and elegant. I felt like I was in the 1920s," Brandon Gallman said of the coronation.
Miss Claflin's coronation included friends from her hometown, Detroit, participating as bearers.
Also, her brother, 2015 Claflin graduate Dorian Dillard, paid tribute to her with a solo, "What A Wonderful World."
"The coronation was well-scripted. She was presented beautifully ... Her dress was spectacular," Student Government Association Vice President Vincent Sanders said.
Miss Claflin stunned the crowd in an all-white, strapless lace dress with a sheer bottom.
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