MORE FROM BERNIE AND HILLARY: Killer Mike says Sanders has record of fighting for the rights of others

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Feb 27, 2016
Bernie Sanders Speaking at Claflin University


Rapper and activist Killer Mike told the crowd Friday at Claflin that Bernie Sanders doesn’t have to care about the rights of others – but he does.
Killer Mike was joined by other notables in support of the Democratic presidential candidate during Sanders’ stop in Orangeburg ahead of the Feb. 27 Democratic primary.  Other special guests were National HBCU Outreach Director Danny Glover; young activist from Chicago Ja’Mal Green; state Rep. Justin Bamberg from Bamberg; a University of Virginia student who was assaulted by officers, Martese Johnson; and Sen. Nina Turner.
“Judge people by how they treat people, especially people who they don’t have to treat well or people that they can benefit from treating bad,” Mike told the crowd at Jonas T. Kennedy Center.
Bernie Sanders does not have to care for anyone in this room but himself, Mike said. “That he’s an ethnic person in America. Since a teenager and young adult, he has fought for the rights of people who don’t look like him or not from his area or his socioeconomic background.”
“I respect that more for a politician because that means when you’re in office and a hard decision is to be made, you’re going to think about the people you talked with,” Mike said.
As president, Sanders is going to think about women’s rights before he thinks about his own, he’s going to say publicly that police have no right to murder your children in the streets, he’s going to unify the people of their differences and not ask them to separate, Mike said.
“I know the only person that my logical, beautiful, black mind and conscious will allow me to vote for is Sen. Bernard Sanders,” Mike said. 
Bernie supporters shouted:
·        “The Cause is Right and the Time is Now!”

·        “I’m Fired up and Ready to Bern!”

·        “Feeling the Bern.”

Like many of the guests, Sen. Turner encouraged the audience from all genders, races and sexual orientations to meditate for a moment and imagine being black. As they meditated, she asked the audience how it feels for someone to call them their firewall, a reference to the Clinton campaign.
“Candidates have to earn the black vote because they don’t own the black vote,” she said.  
Hillary Clinton turns out the stars too

South Carolina State University’s Dukes Gym was the site for Hillary Clinton’s visit to Orangeburg a day before the Democratic presidential primary.
The Friday event featured celebrity guests such as K. Michelle, Karen Civil and Star Jones. Every guest spoke about why they stand with Hillary Clinton.
As Clinton stood in front of the crowd, she spoke about young people and how they need to be heard and  how the economy needs more good-paying jobs.
She addressed the cost to attend college and how too many students are unable to afford to attend.
Clinton outlined plans for many national issues.
‘I’m out here to see my options’

Students began lining  up outside the Jonas T. Kennedy Center on Friday around 3:30 p.m. in excitement to see Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the HBCU Tour on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016.
Students began to get impatient when 4:15 came and they were still not in the arena.
Once inside, however, they were welcomed by music to keep it “lit” as Danny Glover, HBCU Tour organizer, put it.
The tour was headlined by state Rep. Justin Bamberg, KG the Artist, Activist Killer Mike and much more.
Even in choosing to attend the rally, some students were undecided on whether to support Sanders or opponent Hillary Clinton.
Claflin junior Shayquan Weary  said, “I'm out here to see my options.”
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