PANTHER PROFILE: Daniel ‘DSims’ Simmons: Go-to-guy for sound

By: Christopher Bowman
Mar 01, 2015
Daniel Simmons with Sound BoardWhen he wakes up, Daniel starts his day with the production of one of his daily beats and instrumentals.
He always leaves his heard on every time through his organic and futuristically orchestrated melodies. After completing one beat, Daniel saves it and commences another.
There are a plethora of producers in the music industry, but even peers can attest to the fact that Daniel is slowly moving into an echelon of his own.
Daniel is the go-to guy on Claflin’s campus for all sound production and audio engineering needs.
Born in Harleyville but raised in San Diego, California, Daniel, “DSims” to his peers, has come back to his state of birth to leave his stamp on the Southern music scene.
When he is not in the studio, the 21-year-old Claflin University senior loves everything from traveling and attending concerts to networking and shopping for the newest footwear.
Artists on campus respect “DSims” and don’t hesitate when given a chance to work with him — unless the price is not right.
“My time is money, so if you don’t have money to work, don’t waste my time,” Daniel says. To avoid any confusion during the creative process, Daniel leaves this disclaimer every time.
Stetson Hagood, South Carolina State University senior ,says, “DSims is a legend in the making to have made as many moves and met as many people as he has. His future is beyond bright.”
As far as Daniel’s plans, he will be working on a self-produced EP in the upcoming winter and spring season.
All the while, “DSims” is living in the present.
“Stay tuned,”  he says. “There is plenty more to come.”
As he says this, he descends his head back into his laptop to create yet another masterpiece worth tuning into. One can only imagine what great melodies he will concoct this time around.
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