Poetry Workshop

By: Dennis Simpson
Apr 09, 2015
Jessica Care Posing with Claflin Students at Poetry Workshop
Jessica Care Moore (middle) poses with students after sharing advice and her experiences about pursuing her passion for poetry.

On Thursday, April 9th, Jessica Care Moore, a poet from Detroit visited Claflin University during CALA-Bash week.
Jessica Care Moore began writing around the age of 15 to 16 years old.
She moved to New York City to pursue her passion and attended Def Poetry Jam in 1995. Moore is also the author of a series of books, “God is Not an American” and “Sunlight through Bullet Holes” are two from her collection.
Along with her writings, Moore owns her own publishing company.
Moore left students with the advice, “90s poets are old enough to learn through reading.” Moore stressed how important it is for poets to read other poets and how poetry is art, and art is powerful.
Poetry to Jessica Care Moore is more than simple spoken word. She prefer for her poetry to be called readings because of her artistic view on the art. She even received threats when pursing her love for poetry in Detroit.
“What you’re writing now will not sound the same in the future,” Moore closed.
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