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By: Princess B. Williams
Mar 03, 2015
Did you know that books are the most common items stolen here on Claflin’s campus?
Books are the most common because, they are expensive.
“A student may put a textbook down in the cafeteria or library, and someone will just come along and pick it up,” Police Chief of Claflin University, Steve Pearson said.
The most common crime on Claflin’s campus is petty larceny.
“Larceny is a crime of opportunity. It’s not like sometimes people just wake up and want to go commit a larceny, but you sit something down, and the opportunity presents itself. Someone will just walk up and pick the item up,” Pearson said.
The rate of larcenies remained the same through 2013 and 2014, averaging approximately 20 larcenies on the campus per year.
Campus security must follow specific procedures when students report stolen items.
“The first thing we do is have the victim fill out an incident report. On an incident report, we basically get their basic information, such as their name, age, location of the incident, and the date. We try to document the specifics of the item that was stolen,” Pearson explained.
Keeping your personal items safe is your personal responsibility. Here are a few of Chief Pearson’s prevention tips:
• Never just place your cellphones and books anywhere.
• Take your personal items with you.
• Lock your room door when you’re not in your residence hall.
• Document the serial numbers of your electronic items. (Some electronic devices have tracking devices on them).
• Make sure that your tracking devices are activated, and you have registered your electronics with the company that you purchased it from.
“When certain items such as Mac Books and laptop computers are stolen here at the university, we can track some of those items, if we can receive the serial number of the electronic,” Pearson advised.
Students must protect all of their personal items to the best of their ability.

Theft Stats

  • In 2010, 92,695 crimes were reported to college and university campus police. Of these reported crimes, 97% were property crimes, and 3% were violent crimes.
  • In most cases, campus thefts are crimes of convenience.
  • The National Association of Insurance Commissioners suggests that off campus students get renters insurance. This cost between $15 and $30 a month and covers electronics, computers, clothes, and bicycles and other items that can be stolen.
  • In the 2013, Claflin University had 14 auto break-ins.
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