‘Straight Up!’ Talk show will feature free-speaking Claflin students

By: Denzel Hodges
Oct 20, 2015
Students are putting classroom theory into real-life practice.
Mass communication students from Claflin University have started their very own college talk show titled “Straight Up!”
Straight Up! features 13 students from Claflin discussing common college and cultural topics and some touchy subjects from the students’ perspective.
“The Claflin Mass Comm Department wasn’t really known for anything specific,” Executive Producer Courtney “C.J.” Riley said. “I want this to be a recruiting tool for the Mass Comm Department to use to draw more students in.”
Straight Up! will be the first of its kind at Claflin. And not going through the Mass Communications Department for sanctioning allows the show to be more authentic and the cast members to speak freely.
“I want this show to go viral and put people on,” said Riley as he explains his goals and expectations for the show.
Riley wants the show to be something that each team member can use for a resume of work.
So far three episodes have been produced, but there is no set release dates or times for when they will begin showing on YouTube, Riley said. The idea is to premiere one episode per week.
Riley’s co-producers are Andres Waters and Denzel Hodges.
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