Thoughts on Bernie Sanders' visit

By: Travon Tisdale
Feb 26, 2016
crowd listening to bernie sanders at claflin

Bernie Sanders coming to Claflin was an equal opportunity for exposure for the university as well as Sanders.
While students waited in line, reporters from different news outlets were interviewing them wanting to know their thoughts on the presidential race.
Many supporters of Sanders were passing out shirts of different sizes and eventually they ran out, so they had to go restock.
When the different speakers came to the podium, each gave a powerful message with personal stories that were from the heart. These were not just words to get votes, but words that resonated with all different nationalities with no bias.
Finally, Bernie Sanders came into Tullis Area with words ready to shake the core of the students so they understood who they're voting for and why.
My thoughts when it came to the words he spoke gave me a new perspective on the candidate.
He truly made me wonder who will get my vote. But no matter Saturday's winner, I'm in full support to see that he or she can change things in coming years and beyond.
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