Study Abroad Program

Program Details

The Office of International Studies promotes and coordinates international study for Claflin University students. This Office promotes opportunities that equip students with skills that enable them to communicate in other languages, as well to know other cultures and to understand an increasingly complex world.

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these international opportunities.

All students must report to the Leadership Development Center to register for study abroad. All applications are due for spring by October 1 and for fall by March 1.

The benefits of studying abroad - it’s an investment that pays great dividends!

CU Exchange Programs

Claflin University has an exchange program with the following universities. Exchange students do not have to pay tuition, fees or room and board fees to these schools, and the application fee is waived. These costs are paid to Claflin. The credits from the international programs will be transferred to the Claflin University transcript.

Study Abroad Affiliate Programs

Claflin University is formally affiliated with the following institutions. Because of these affiliation agreements, Claflin students receive a discount when traveling with these companies.

Other South Carolina Study Abroad Programs

If we do not offer what you are interested in, please look at these programs. Note: Benedict College also has a program, but it is not directly accessible through the internet.

A helpful link is

Diversity Abroad

This program, which allows students to apply for scholarships to help them study abroad, strongly encourages African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic/Latino and economically disadvantaged students to apply for funding. Students must meet the requirements specified on the Diversity Abroad webpage.

Study Abroad Brochure
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For information about studying abroad, 
please contact:

Dr. Leon Chang, Director
Study Abroad Program 
Claflin University
400 Magnolia Street
Orangeburg, SC 29115
(803) 535-5679

Adventures Abroad
Claflin University students blog about their experiences studying abroad

Kathrin Fischer: Exploring Western Australia

by User Not Found | Sep 25, 2013

My name is Kathrin Fischer. I am a senior, and I am double-majoring in Politics and Justice Studies and Sociology with a minor in Business Administration.

Currently, I am studying at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. School is quite different here, but I adapted to the changes. I am taking only business classes in Australia to finish the requirements of my Business Administration minor.

I have quite a busy schedule - I am working part-time as a waitress, school is quite demanding and I also volunteer for an environmental organization "Conservation Volunteers." Even though I am pretty busy, I make time to meet and socialize with people from all over the world. Western Australia has a very diverse population - I love it.

I also take time out to explore Western Australia. The Australian bush and the landscape are incredible! I have been on a couple of day trips and two 3-day trips so far. I will also go on a 10-day trip starting next weekend. Honestly, I think I fell in love with Australia, and I know for sure that I will come back to this amazing country after my study abroad experience. Even though it is very expensive, I love it. I have the time of my life here, and I am so happy that I decided to study in WA.


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