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about posters as posting

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Walking into the student center the week before student government elections, students are bombarded with vibrant  slogan-filled campaign posters.
In the day and age of social media, one would think that posting online would be the most popular means of campaigning -- but it is not.
Campaign posters are the oldest form of publication for those seeking office, and campaign posters are the main source of political advertising at Claflin University.
In the weeks before elections, it becomes a matter of who can make the most eye-catching posters. They range from small hand-made ones to giant professionally printed banners.
Look around campus and see which ones you like most.


Student voting
delayed until Thursday

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I know you guys are anxious to cast your votes for your preferred SGA candidates. However, voting will no longer take place Tuesday, April  8, due to unresolved technical difficulties.

Voting has been rescheduled to this Thursday, April 10.

Panthers, you will be able to cast your votes on MyClaflin from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

All of the colorful campaign posters have been removed from around campus, but you can still help your preferred candidates campaign through social media. Good luck to everyone!

Three with leadership experience seek to be Claflin SGA president

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Each of the three candidates campaigning for Claflin University Student Government Association president is trying to separate himself as the best choice, though the three have similarities.
The candidates in the April 8 voting are Durontez Washington, Tyler Breland and Dillon Isaac. Each is a junior. But that's not the only thing they have in common.
All are members of the Honors College and have a great deal of experience serving as leaders. Dillon and Tyler are former class presidents. Durontez has been an active member of the Student Activities Board since his freshman year.
In other races, two candidates are seeking the vice presidency: juniors Keydareon Graham and Sierra Youngblood.
The number of candidates for Miss Homecoming is greater than the number of Miss Claflin candidates.
The Miss Homecoming category consists of four young ladies.
Only two ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Moriah Harris and reigning Homecoming Queen Lia Holman, are competing for the crown and title of Miss Claflin.
Keith Bell, sophomore; Michael Bowman, junior; Ryan Black, junior; and Thomas Harris, junior, are running head to head for the title of Mr. Claflin.
The Claflin Student Body will vote for their preferred candidates on Tuesday, April 8. Polls will be open for an allotted amount of time on the university's website.
Candidates with the most votes win.
However, females running for the title of Miss Claflin must also compete in a pageant. Scores from their pageant will also tie in with the amount of votes they receive from the student body. Winners will be announced during the week of voting.

Boot camp offers lessons in getting media jobs

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Students from five HBCUs went to boot camp on March 29 at South Carolina State University.
The purpose was to learn about jobs and careers in mass communications.
The National Association of Broadcast Journalists and the South Carolina Association of Black Journalists hosted the Multimedia Boot Camp in the Engineering and Computer Science Complex at S.C. State.
The workshop was an opportunity for students from S.C. State, Claflin, Voorhees, Benedict and Allen to come together and speak with professionals in the mass communications field.
First on the agenda was a discussion of finding media jobs.
"It's about how hungry you are to do this," said Leroy Green, Columbia's WLTX News 19 news director and one of the speakers for the event.
Other professionals offering input were Kimberlei Davis of The Times and Democrat and Fraendy Clervaud of Good Day Columbia.
Davis is a reporter for the Orangeburg newspaper and She is also a gospel correspondent on 94.5 and is a multimedia journalist.
"You have to start thinking about where God wants you to be," she said.
Fraendy Clervaud is news anchor for WACH Fox's Good Day Columbia. His message: "Utilize your classroom space."
Clervaud is an advocate for being involved in your major. He supports participating in as many activities that your major provides and getting as much experience as you can.
Green talked about how he was denied at a lot of television stations but never gave up on his dream on becoming a news director.
"It's about how hungry you are to do this. You are the future of what journalism is," Green said. He focused on how persistent - "annoying" at times -- and determined you have to be to achieve your goals in life.
Other topics during the event were:
*             "How to Create a Professional Resume and Cover Letter"
*             "Professional Branding and Networking"
*             "Writing for Mass Media: Print and Broadcast"
*             A series of breakout sessions with Mass Media Professionals

Tom Joyner Sky Show takes flight at Claflin

The Panther

Four students were recognized Thursday morning at the Tom Joyner Foundation Sky Show at Claflin University.
Each received the Hercules Scholarship for $1,500 paid directly to the university to help offset college expenses. The scholarship is named after radio personality Tom Joyner’s father, the late Hercules Joyner, who was a strong supporter of higher education.
The recipients are: Lorenzo Toland, a senior business administration major from Nesses; Jerame Smalls, a senior business management major from Charleston; Dalton Tresvant, a junior human performance and recreation major from Columbia, and Harold Smith, a freshman business management major from Atlanta.
“It’s truly a blessing to receive something like this,” Tresvant said.
“I really appreciate this. Thank you!” Harold Smith said when he arrived at the podium.
Claflin has been selected as the “School of the Month” by the Tom Joyner Foundation. During March, the university will be collaborating with the foundation to promote Claflin and raise at least $100,000 for the institution’s FOCUS 100 Student Fund.
Tom Joyner is an American radio icon and host of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.
The Tom Joyner Foundation School of the Month program was created in 1998.
Each year, the foundation chooses 11 historically black colleges and universities which to partner. During the partnership, funds are raised for student scholarships and other necessities for the HBCU. Since 1998, it has raised more than $65 million to keep students enrolled at HBCUs.
Claflin 2011 alumnus and WLTX News 19 reporter Steven Dial hosted the event.
Claflin President Henry N. Tisdale presented more background information on the university’s FOCUS 100 Student Fund.
The fund was created in 2004 to assist students with financial emergencies, the cost of housing, books and tuition fees. The fund allows students to achieve their goals of graduating Claflin while removing the stress of financial burdens and hardships. FOCUS 100 has already contributed to students in need of emergency funding.
“Since the program was established, we’ve jumped from $50,000 to over $250,000,” Tisdale said. “We’re hoping that we’re able to double that.”
“I was able to come to Claflin, because others gave back. Take advantage of this opportunity to help our students. We are about producing visionary leaders. We want to make certain that everyone who desires an education will have the opportunity to receive one,” Tisdale said.

This is campaign week

The Panther

It's that time of the year again and campaign week for SGA has arrived.
People have taken over social media networks in hopes of reaching as many students as possible with their platforms and winning their elected positions.
Campaign week is great for those not running as well. The competition is always fierce and this means free candy and cake all week!
Aside from the freebies, I'd like to see what people have to offer to the university and to myself before I cast my vote. We have to remember that the people we elect represent our school as a whole, therefore we need to look at the candidates as real people.
Look into their backgrounds. Try to get to know them as people outside of their campaign. Don't vote for anyone because he or she had the best cake or the nicest posters. Vote for someone you feel will uphold the university to the best of his or her ability. 

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Olivia Rivers presents her senior thesis: Quorum Sensing Dependent Biofilm Formation in a Serratia marcescens Keratitis Isolate.(Panther photo by Taylor Harris)

Young scientists
Seniors' theses focus
on array of issues

The Panther 

Seniors at Claflin University presented their Undergraduate STEM presentations at the Research Symposium on Saturday, March 22. 
The students came prepared to present their theses to a crowd of students, faculty and staff.  Two of those presentations were given by Amakia Gibson and Olivia Rivers. 
Amakia Gibson is a senior biochemistry major from Columbia. Her thesis is titled Metabolism During Cold Exposure in Drosophila Melanogaster. 
Amakia's experiments involved working with fruit flies. The goal was to see how fruit flies are able to survive in cold temperatures and that relates to humans. 
Another presentation was given by Olivia Rivers. Her thesis is titled Quorum Sensing Dependent Biofilm Formation in a Serratia marcescens Keratitis Isolate. 
Olivia is a senior from Richland County. She studied the eye condition called Keratitis and the question of whether it is connected to the extended wear of contact lenses. 
Additional presenters were: Michalee Webb -- Recovery of Salmonella serovar Enteritidis from inoculated broiler hatching eggs using shell rinse and shell crush sampling methods; Angelina Hargrove -- Determining Soil Retention Properties to Better Cultivate Plants in Microgravity; Shaniqua Tisdale -- The Effect of miRNA on Hepatitis C Virus Replication; and Hannibal Black -- Optimization of Photochemical Synthesis of Ceria Nanocrystals Using Plug-Flow Reactor.

Budding inventor, 'Shark Tank' winner proves he means business

The Panther 

“That was a stupid move. You should play ball to get to college.”
Michael Devore recalls his peers saying just that after he revealed that he no longer wanted to play basketball for Wade Hampton High School.
Devore was born and raised by a single mother in the Lowcountry town of Hampton. In a place where most young African-American males are expected to succeed through the route of athletics, Devore chose to be an exception.
“I told people I didn’t want to play basketball. I wanted to focus on my academics.” A lot of people did not support that decision.
But by Devore’s senior year of high school, he had earned a full scholarship to Claflin University for his outstanding academics.
The 20-year-old budding inventor and entrepreneur is a business administration major with a minor in mass communications. He has created his own brand, known as “Visionary Mike.”
Just a few of his achievements are: member of the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College, the first student from Claflin to receive the Institute for Responsible Citizenship Scholarship and member of the Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society.
Devore is also the mastermind behind the winning business plan at Claflin’s inaugural Entrepreneurship “Shark Tank” Business Competition.
Students were to assemble in teams of 2-4. The purpose of the competition was to promote collaborations and showcase the talent Claflin has.
Devore’s team members were management major Brandolyn Mack, chemistry major Maame Addo and accounting major Linh Tong.
The title of their plan was “InstaPrintz.”
“It allows you to print anywhere at any time using smart phones without the need of a costly printer. The software component of InstaPrintz has a unique advertising feature for local businesses, international businesses and universities that can allow 100 percent of their advertisements to be seen by their targeted customers,” Devore said.
“Businesses lose millions of their advertisement investments down the drain each year through television and radio commercials because their targeted consumers can change the station or channel and not see your advertisement,” he said.
Devore came across the idea on a random day while researching technology.
“I created this business plan about a year ago,” he said. “This competition gave me the opportunity to showcase it.”
The InstaPrintz team won a grand prize of $5,000.
“We are definitely looking forward to competing in more business competitions in the future.”
The team is currently waiting on a response from Rice University about competing for a million-dollar prize on April 10.
“I love the positivity that I’m receiving from the students on campus, and all the support that I’m receiving from my friends and teachers,” Devore said.

Enjoy a little spring
with Claflin students

"Spring is definitely here! The flowers are blooming, along with nice cool breezes and it's warm enough to sit outside to star gaze. I was born in the spring month of March and it's also probate season. Shout out to my baby Ks," Chelsi Pinkett says. (Panther photo by T'Ara Berry)

Forget the cold, signs of spring are everywhere on campus. (Panther photo by Phillip Ellis)

“Spring is definitely my favorite season; for one, because I was born in spring in the month of May. And two, in spring it's not too cold and it's not too hot. I am definitely excited about spring. I am ready for this weather to start warming up and stay warm, because this cold weather one day and warm weather the next day is really annoying, and I don't know if I should dress warm or not.” -- Dannieka Cuttino (Photo of Dannieka Cuttino by Kyree Simon/The Panther)

Jackie Pleasant and Chari Zhane-Langley enjoy the second day of spring (March 21) at Claflin. (Panther photo by Ashley J. White)

Kacy Haynes says "Spring is such a beautiful time of year. People can express themselves and show how fabulous they really are." (Panther photo by Taylor Harris)

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