Guided Career Pathways

Beginning fall of 2017, Claflin phased in a holistic model in which students are guided through academic paths (curricular and co-curricular) to prepare them for the workforce. Our guided career pathway is designed to simplify students' decision making; increase their awareness of high paying, high growth occupations; and create a more structured approach to program completion. Our guided career pathway's objectives are to reduce the number of undecided first-time freshmen, increase the number of students who enroll with a well-defined career goal, increase the percentage of students who graduate on time, and increase the percentage of graduates who secure employment in their fields within one year of graduation. There are five key components to our guided career pathway:


First Year Academic Advising

In addition to the duties described in the Guided Career Pathways above, first year advisors use theories of student development to promote student learning, development, and personal growth.  Also, they use proactive and appreciative advising approaches to help students develop educational goals and explore majors and career related to their interests and abilities.


Career Exploration Portfolio

Claflin adopted an online career exploration software program called “FOCUS 2 CAREER” to assess work interest, personality, values, skills, and career planning readiness. Upon confirmation of their admission, and prior to enrollment, students began the career exploration process. Assessment results were matched to Claflin's majors and high demand career options within the career clusters. Academic advisors utilized this information to help students decide on a major and identify career goals. The career counselor will assist students to begin their career development portfolio. Students will maintain a career development portfolio (Handshake Career Management System) that includes career inventory results, a Career Pathway Plan, and milestones along their pathway.



Focus2Career is an online career assessment that helps students chose majors, explore careers, and make informed career decisions.  There are five self-assessments in Focus2Career:  

  • Work Interests
  • Personality
  • Leisure Interests
  • Values
  • Skills

Students, you can complete the Focus2Career assessment by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Focus2Career website:

  2. Continue with the following instructions:

Focus 2 career instructions copy

Handshake Career Management System

The Handshake Career Management System provides a platform for schools and employers to connect while providing networking opportunities for students.  Handshake can provide access to over 200,000 employers from every industry and region.
HANDSHAKE Career Management System

Create your Handshake Profile Today!

Career Pathway Plan (CPP)

All of Claflin's majors will be mapped to well defined learning outcomes that create holistic, guided pathways to program completion. These major maps will be used to create individual CPPs. As a requirement of the mandatory freshman year experience courses, the CPP will position students on a clear path to on-time program completion by guiding them through the curriculum and matching their interests and abilities to appropriate co-curricular activities that augment their academic program. First year academic advisors will meet with students regularly to monitor and track student progress and update their CPP. Thereafter, major advisors will track each student's progress and seek appropriate academic and/or student development support, if needed. 

Faculty Academic Advising

Faculty advisors will track each student's progress and seek appropriate academic and/or student development support, if needed. They will help students plan appropriate experiential learning activities for their career goals, finalize guided career pathway plans, select additional co-curricular activities based on career goals, and monitor student progress for achievement of goals.

Career Counseling

A career counselor in the Office of Career Development will assist students to begin their career development portfolio and guided career pathways by reviewing Focus2Career results with students and helping them begin their profiles on the Handshake Career Management System.  Also, this position will help students secure experiential learning opportunities, assist students with resume’s, cover letters, and personal statements, conduct mock interviews, workshops, and career preparation seminars, etc.

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