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WEDNESDAY, october 7, 2020

 Date     # of Tests      Positive
 9/29/20      169      0
 9/30/20      174      1
 10/5/20      97      not yet reported

wednesday, september 23, 2020

Over the past weekend, the university safely welcomed 367 students back to campus. Students and guests remained in their cars while drive through testing was being administered. This process was done to ensure nurses and volunteers were protected from potential infection. We intend to continuously test our campus community on a bi-monthly schedule. The next required testing dates are September 28 and 29 in the parking lot at Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Wellness Center. All students and employees are required to be tested during those days, unless a test is done at another health center on those days and the results are reported to the health center.  

In an effort to remain transparent and open with the campus community, below are our COVID-19 testing numbers from this past weekend. To be sure, the presumptive positive results have not been confirmed and we are awaiting the results. The students who received a presumptive positive test are quarantined and have since produced a negative test result. We are doing our best to keep the campus as safe as possible and your full cooperation is required to ensure safety is maintained.  

Date # of students tested  # of employees tested  # of presumptive positive tests  # of negative results
 9/17/20  0  3
 9/18/20  29  0 29 
 9/19/20  191  0  191
 9/20/20  139  1  1 139 
 9/21/20  7  5  0 12 
 9/22/20  21  11  0  32
Total: Antigen tests administered – 4 (1 pending result) Total: Tests administered - 411 

Please be reminded of the University’s COVID-19 Virtual Resource Center found at Information on this site will help you to be mindful of the University’s protocols and CDC guidelines to protect your health and those around you.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The information below is the university’s remittance/refund process for room and board credit adjustments.

Will I get a refund?

The university will utilize a five-step process in terms of issuing refunds or credits to students as a result of the changes we had to make to the spring 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The steps are as follows:

  1. We will calculate a pro-rated amount of unused meal plan charges per student. The pro-rated amount will extend from the date the student moved/checked out of the residence halls through the last day of classes in the academic year. Students who did not move/check out of the residence halls prior to 4/12/2020 and did not return to campus prior to 4/12/2020 will have meal plan charges pro-rated from 3/23/2020 through the last day of classes in the academic year.
  2. We will calculate a pro-rated amount of housing charges based on the date the student moved/checked out of the residence halls as documented by Residential Life.
  3. If a student currently owes the university funds (balance due on their account), we will offset the pro-rated room and board credit against the amount that is still outstanding. There is a possibility that the amount the student currently owes offsets the total and there is no refund going to the student.
  4. We will enforce our institutional aid policy. Institutional aid received from the university in order to cover the direct cost of attending the university cannot be refunded.  We will offset the pro-rated room and board credit adjustment against the institutional aid and the institutional aid amount awarded to the student for attending the spring semester of 2020 will be adjusted accordingly. This may result in no refund to the student.
  5. Returning students who do not have a balance due to the university and did not receive institutional aid to cover the direct costs of attendance will have the following options regarding their credit balance:
  • refunded to the student
  • applied towards summer school tuition (if they are planning to attend)
  • applied towards the next academic semester balance.

If the student selects to have the credit applied towards next semester balance, the credit will be a part of your aid package for academic year 2020-2021, applied as a room and board grant-in-aid.

6. If the student is a graduating senior, the credit amount on their account after steps one through four noted above will be remitted to them in a form of their choice (check or direct deposit).

When will I see the credit adjustment applied to my account?

The University will began applying credit adjustments to graduating seniors the week of April 27, 2020. The University will begin applying credit adjustments to returning students the week of May 4, 2020. If you are eligible to receive a remittance, refunds will be processed weekly.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions about a refund?

  • If a student or their parent(s) have questions or comments regarding refunds, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at or
  • If a student or their parent(s) have questions or comments regarding adjustments to their financial aid package, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 803.535.5334 or

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Other Resources

As we find external resources to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will share with you. Click here for a list of external resources. 

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