Dr. Mohammed Yousuf

Dr. Yousuf is a versatile professor whose expertise in International Studies enlivens his conversations and his classes. He contributes to Claflin in many ways, including his current role as a coordinator in the Department of Social Sciences.


  • Ph.D., International Studies, University of South Carolina.
  • M.A., Political Science, Villanova University, Pennsylvania.

Research Interests

  • International relations (South Asia, the Middle East)
  • Nuclear weapon proliferation

Recent Publications

  • “ India, Pakistan and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,” Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Summer 2011).
  • “India’s ‘Exceptional’ Nuclear Record,” Defence Journal (Karachi), November 2005.
  • “Motivation of Nuclear Proliferation in Pakistan: The India Factor,” Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Pennsylvania) (Summer 2004).

Mohammed Yousef
Dr. Mohammed Yousuf
Associate Professor of Political Science
Goff House, GO