Dr. Jennifer Renee Trombley


  • Ph.D., Juvenile Justice, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX
  • M.S., Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of Missouri Kansas City

Research Interests

Research interests include restorative justice, peacemaking criminology, and violence/homicide among youth with particular interest in community violence. More recently I have become actively involved with research on peacemaking circles in university classrooms and the use of restorative justice processes on college and university campuses. In addition, I have a strong desire to advance the knowledge base concerning convict criminology, student perceptions of professors, and the influence of race and gender variables. Additional research interests include restorative justice programming in courts and corrections and attitudes toward drug policy.

Recent Publications

Trombley, J. R., Williams, F.V., Gibson, C. (2012) Reasons for Membership and Non-Membership in the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. ACJS Today, 37(5), 20-24

Trombley, J. Renee (2012). Crime, Punishment, and Restorative Justice – From the Margins to the Mainstream (Book Review). Criminal Justice Review, 37(2), 279-280.

Trombley, J. Renee (2015). The Life of Tupac Amaru Shakur. African Americans & Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia.

Recent Presentations

Trombley, J. Renee (2016). Restorative Justice and The Reality of a Neighborhood Accountability Board – Examining A Community Based Program in Kansas City, MO. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, Denver, CO.

Trombley, J. Renee (2016). Thinking Outside the Box: A Modern Dialogue on Race, Identity, and Definitions. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, Denver, CO.

Trombley, J. Renee & Lenza, Mike (2015). Convict Criminology and Perceptions of Professors With a Past. American Society of Criminology, Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Trombley, J. Renee (2015). Promoting the Power of Peacemaking Circles and Making Connections in the Classroom – Taking Advantage of Restorative Justice Techniques in Academia. 5th National Conference on Restorative Justice. Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Trombley, J. Renee (2013). The Potential of a Peacemaking Circle Project in Reducing Willingness to Use Violence among Youth. American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.

Trombley, J. Renee (2013). Reducing the Effects of Exposure to Community Violence: Examining a Restorative Justice Peacemaking Circle Project Involving At-Risk Youth. 4th National Conference on Restorative Justice. Toledo, Ohio.

Trombley, J. Renee (2013). Youth Efficacy in Developing Solutions for Reducing Violence – Findings from a Peacemaking Circle Project. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, Dallas, Texas

Jennifer Renee Trombley
Dr. Jennifer Renee Trombley
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Goff House, GO