​Ms. Sharon Gile

As the faculty advisor for Claflin’s spoken word poets, she is always interested in the ways the students come up with to express themselves and the energy and enthusiasm with which they tackle issues pertaining to life in the twenty-first century


Although she teaches a variety of classes in the English department, Ms. Gile's main passion is poetry, and she is particularly excited about the many ways in which poetry is evolving as it becomes a more integrated part of popular culture.

Working with the debate team also keeps her engaged as they 
interrogate the policies that govern our school, our state, and our country. She believes that an important part of higher education is finding your voice and challenging the status quo, and she enjoys helping both the poets and the debaters accomplish these two tasks.


  • M.A. TESOL, Columbia International University
  • M.A. English, The Citadel
  • B.A. Creative Writing/English, Bob Jones University

Ms. Sharon G Gile
​Ms. Sharon Gile
Instructor of English
  • Intensive English Language Program
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
GTK 215
803-535- 5213