First Year Experience

University 101/102 First-Year Experience Seminar

Claflin is committed to your success, and getting off to a good start is essential.

To achieve success in college and beyond, it's necessary for you to transition successfully from a high school student to a lifelong learner. University 101/102 are part of the General Education Requirements.

University 101/102 provide an opportunity for first-year students to integrate into the Claflin University community and develop an understanding of and appreciation for the liberal arts experience. With a broad focus on reading, writing, critical thinking and academic survival skills, these courses will help students become independent, strategic learners who are responsible members of the community.

FIRST YEAR learning communities

In conjunction with the University 101/102 First Year Experience Seminar courses, first year students will be enrolled in a learning community linked to your major or program of support. As a learning community student, you will:

  • Actively engage with peers, faculty, and staff inside and outside of the classroom
  • Participate in focus groups to share experiences
  • Expand thinking and learning by incorporating multiple perspectives
  • Connect ideas within two different courses

Characteristics of First Year Learning Communities

  • The same students are enrolled in the connected courses
  • Common assignments and common out-of-class activities are clearly identified in the syllabi of connected classes
  • Instructors present in each other’s classes
  • Clear learning outcomes for students are shared between connected classes
  • Clear assessment and evaluation of learning outcomes
  • A name that describes the focus/theme
  • Administration of regular assessments/evaluations


  • Formation of robust collaborative partnership between faculty and staff of connected courses
  • Student engagement in high-impact educational activities
    • (high-impact refers to ability to meet academic needs, to increase intellectual empowerment and richness, to increase engagement in learning, to increase opportunity to speak and write, cultivate creativity, etc.)
  • Interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students enrolled in connected courses
  • Programmatic assessment of instructor and student engagement, interdisciplinary learning, student retention, instructor and student levels of satisfaction, instructor-student interaction, high-impact activities, and student-student interaction.

During the fall semester, UNIV 101 - Freshman Year Experience - and one of the following courses will comprise your learning community:

  • AAAS 101 - African American Heritage
  • BIOL 102 - Biology, Health and the Environment
  • BIOL 121 - General Biology I
  • CHEM 121 - General Chemistry I
  • EDUC 104 - Introduction to Education
  • MCOM 101 - Introduction to Mass Communications
  • PSYC 201 - Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCI 201 - Introduction to Sociology

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