PAW Print and Mail Services

Mail service is an important part of our college, as a business and as a lifeline to the world outside the campus.

Claflin’s Paw Print and Mail Services (PPMS) is a full service mail and copy center. We provide a wide range of postal and printing services for Claflin’s students, faculty and staff. 

Our staff of two full-time employees process over 500,000 pieces of mail and packages each year. In addition, we produce over one million printed pages annually. We realize that good, quality service and good public relations are two very important aspects of these responsibilities.

All Claflin students living in residential housing are eligible to have a mailbox and receive packages at PPMS. All Claflin students, faculty and staff may use the PPMS printing services. We are located on the bottom floor of the Student Center, next door to Pizza Hut.

Hours and Contact

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • We are closed on Saturdays
  • (803) 535-5353

Campus Mail

Intra-campus mail is a service provided free of charge to cadets, faculty, and staff. This means that you can send correspondence to anyone on Claflin’s campus, provided they are a current student, faculty or staff member. 

You do not need to affix postage to campus mail. Campus mail can be promptly and properly processed ONLY if the name of the addressee or Department are written legibly on the piece of mail. This service is used for Claflin related matters only. Sending cash by means of campus mail is greatly discouraged. The PPMS cannot be held responsible for any mail that may be lost or damaged in processing. Use of campus mail for personal gain is also prohibited. Campus mail can be mailed from your department or may be deposited in the blue mailboxes located near the PPMS service window.

There are three types of Campus Mail: Cadet Mail, Departmental Mail and Resident Mail.

The Correct Way to Address

Student Letter Mail Student Packages (Amazon, FedEx, UPS, etc)
(Your Name)
Claflin University
400 Magnolia Street
Box #; Orangeburg, SC 29115

FAQ - Student Mail 

  • Q: What if you don't know the student mailbox number?
    A: Call or stop by the PPMS.
  • Q: What if the student has left school?
    A: Even though we forward regular USPS mail, we do not forward campus mail to his/her home address. We return it to the sender or department. They can then opt to mail it to the home address.
  • Q: What happens if the cadet has left and there is no return address from the originator of mail piece?
    A: The PPMS staff opens mail piece to try and determine where it originated and returns to sender.
  • Q: What happens if campus mail inadvertently gets put in outgoing mail without postage?
    A: Certainly mail processing is not an exact science and mistakes do happen. Usually, the postal center in Orangeburg recognizes college mail and attempts to return it to the correct campus. This is why it is always good to have a return address on campus mail and to keep it separate from other "outgoing" mail.
  • Q: Why is my letter address different than my package address?
    A. We sort the thousands of letters we receive by Mailbox number and we sort packages by last name. Putting your mailbox number on your incoming letters and bills helps us sort your letters faster. We look up packages by Last Name so your box number is not as important
  • Q: Why can’t I pick up my package when FedEx/UPS tell me it has been delivered?
    A. FedEx and UPS packages are not delivered directly to the PPMS. So, when they tell you it is delivered to campus, it doesn’t mean they are ready for you. Packages are actually delivered to Central Receiving about 2 blocks off campus then they are driven to campus. PPMS will send you a special email letting you know when your package is ready for pickup at PPMS.
  • Q: What happens if an employee is no longer here?
    A: We do not forward campus mail to his/her home address. It is up to the department to return mail to sender in order to let them know the person is no longer associated with that department.
  • Q: What if there is no return address?
    A: The PPMS staff opens mail piece to try and determine where it originated and returns to sender.
  • Q: What happens if mail is not addressed to individual, but just to department?
    A: It is up to the Department to open mail piece and determine where it should go.
  • Q: What if mail is addressed to wrong department?
    A: Recipient should reseal envelope, scratch through original address and write correct department's name on outside of mail piece.
  • Q: What happens if mail is delivered to the wrong department?
    A: If possible, let us know. Use post-it note to attach to outside of envelope stating this does not belong to "your department".
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