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Home Slides display as the prominent items at the top of the home page in a slider. This content is the first impression that visitors will have of Claflin. It is important to be highly selective as to what to include in the Home Slides. Default slides should reflect Claflin's brand and link to key sections such as Why Claflin and Academics & Research. Newsworthy items should be added to the slider only when there is a good quality, high resolution photo and a story that represents Claflin well to primary audiences, such as Homecoming or Graduation. Home Slide images should be photography and NEVER contain type within the image, as it will conflict with the type that is overlayed.

Adding and Editing Home Slides

From the Content drop down at the top, select Home Slides. To create a new home slide, select the Create a Home Slide button. To edit an existing one, click on the slide from the list.


  • Title: main title of the slide
  • Description: short description of the slide
  • Link: link for the button of the slide
  • Link Text: text for the button of the slide
  • Image: large image that appears in the slide


  • Home Slider: template which displays the home slider
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