African and African-American Studies

The African and African-American Studies Program is one of the most exciting areas in our university community. As an Historically Black College/University, Claflin is committed to helping all students discover the riches of the African and African-American experience.

Majors and Minors in African and African-American Studies are prepared to be thought-leaders in the African and African-American experience, and able to support organizations and institutions that provide services to these communities, as well as educating the broader public.The program in African and African-American Studies offers courses in the General Education curriculum and helps students attain expertise in the historical and philosophical dimensions of the African and African-American experience, and to understand the ways in which those experiences help to shape culture and the wider world.


The curriculum for African and African-American Studies is wide-ranging and taught by the nation's leading scholars in the field. The curriculum includes courses in African culture, African-American History, African and African-American Philosophy, and a host of other courses designed to help students delve deep into scholarly discourse on the African and African-American experience.

Student Opportunities and Experience

Students will have numerous opportunities to travel and engage in internships with community organizations, museums, historical societies, cultural programs, and educational institutions.

Careers and Outcomes

Careers vary from work in higher education and the academy to service in Civil and Human Rights organizations, as well as museums and archival institutions.

Claflin Academic Catalog

Courses & Requirements

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