How to Request Maintenance


Q) What happens to my request once it is submitted?

A) The request is sent to the System Administrators and Managers, These are the Sodexo Assistant GM, Administrative Assistant, and Maintenance Manager. They review the request, and assign it to the appropriate technician.

Q) How does the Technician know they have a work order?

A) The work orders are sent to their phones. Also, Work Orders are reviewed in the Morning Huddle with the technicians. For Housekeeping associates, paper work orders are generated and distributed to the Housekeeping Supervisors.

Q) How do the work orders get “Closed?”

A) Once the technician has completed the work order, they mark the work order “Complete” on their phones. The System Administrator and Managers are then able to go into the system to close out the work order. This gives us the ability to review notes, add notes, etc. If a paper work order has been created, the paper work order is turned in to the System Administrator, and they are able to close the work order out in the system.

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