Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a student in the position to influence, motivate, and guide others toward achievement of a goal. The student must be in an elected or appointed position of leadership and serve for a minimum of one academic year.  

  • Leadership Activity Process
    Students participating in student leadership should follow the steps below:

    Student Leadership
  • Student Learning Outcomes

    At the completion of the student leadership term, students will be able to:

    • Understand personal strengths, values, passion, and interests
    • Articulate personal definition of leadership
    • Project the Claflin Confidence and foster self-leadership development
    • Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively to others inside and outside of the organization
    • Understand group dynamics and exhibit ability to work with other who are different
    • Articulate the mission, vision, and goals of the organization
    • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the process for decision-making
    • Articulate the relevance of the research to coursework 
    • Articulate research findings to other researchers in their discipline
  • Evaluation
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