Meet Our Faculty

As faculty members in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, we come from all over the world and have tremendous talent and expertise. Most of us hold the highest academic degree in our field.

As faculty members, our first priority is to help students. We have chosen a profession that allows us to help students prepare for their own carriers, and for life. We provide students with knowledge and experiences that enrich their background, give perspective, and improve their ability to obtain quality employment. We help students think of areas they had never considered before. We help prepare visionary thinkers and leaders.

Associate Professor
Interim Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Mass Communications
Assistant Professor of English
Interim Writing Center Coordinator
Professor of Music
Instructor of English
Professor of Mass Communications
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Associate Professor of Theatre
Professional Journalist-in-Residence & Editor, The Times & Democrat
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Associate Professor of Mass Communications
Associate Professor of Music
Assistant Professor of African American Studies
Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences/Associate Professor of Music
Professor of French
Visiting Instructor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Religion
Assistant Professor of Speech & Drama
Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Assistant Professor of English
Assistant Professor of English
Professor of Sociology
Associate Professor and Chair of Humanities
Academic Computing Coordinator
Associate Professor of Mass Communications
Professor of English; Chair of Department of English
Assistant Professor of Spanish
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