What Our Students Say

Karla Jessica Santos De Araujo (Brazil)

Karla Jessica Santos De AraujoClaflin University’s Intensive English Program is very useful for students who want to improve their English. A great advantage is that in just a few weeks students can enrich their skills very quickly. Studying the language at an American university also allows students to understand how native English speakers use expressions and idioms.

The six courses I took (pronunciation, listening, speaking, grammar, reading, and writing) have been very helpful to me. In the Pronunciation course, I learned skills and abilities that I had no idea that I needed to acquire, since they were never taught in my English classes in Brazil. This contribution was excellent because now it’s easier for me to have conversations in English. The reading and writing sections were helpful too. I learned how to use prepositions and transitions to make my writing flow more smoothly, and my papers are much better now than they were when I started the program. In my opinion all the courses were well organized and beneficial.

My courses were taught by two wonderful teachers, Dr. Lee and Ms. Gile. Both professors did an amazing job, and I truly believe that they are very well qualified for the work. They did more for us than any teacher has ever done, and thanks to them our needs were always satisfied. Dr. Lee helped us not only in the English course, but also in our adjustment in the United States. Ms. Gile taught us a lot about American culture too, which is amazing to me. For instance, studying here has showed me that there is a Standard English that I have learned from the books, but there is also Southern English that most people around me speak. I am sure that these seven weeks would have been much harder without Dr. Lee and Ms. Gile here to give me the support I needed.

I have really enjoyed learning English at Claflin University. Claflin provided me with good learning and professional instructors. Moreover, I could count on an excellent infrastructure, which comforted me and helped improve my learning. My experiences at Claflin have been both good and rich. I would recommend Claflin University’s IELP to other Brazilian students. I believe that by studying here they can improve their English just like I improved mine.

Dionatan Iago Sueda (Brazil)

Dionatan Iago SuedaI think the Intensive English Language Program has been very important for me, and I have learned many things during these weeks that I have been here. The great teachers are one strength of the program. They are always enthusiastic about teaching and always willing to help me overcome my doubts. Another strength that I can mention is the listening/TOEFL class, which gave me a lot of tips so I know what to expect when I take the test. I was a great class for me, and I could notice my progress all semester.

I really enjoyed learning English at Claflin because the whole college has a very good structure to support students, the teachers are very dedicated, and the people are very thoughtful. When I had questions about the classes and tests, Dr. Esther Lee always answered quickly. Even when I needed to go to the dentist, they quickly scheduled an appointment so I could solve my problem. I would certainly recommend the Claflin University IELP to other Brazilian and international students.

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