Financial Aid Forms

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA Application
The FAFSA, officially known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the form that families fill out to apply for federal grants, loans, and work-study funds for college students.


Claflin University Master Financial Aid Application

Signature Page - Everyone whose information is given on the FASFA must sign this page.
2019-2020 Signature Page
2020-2021 Signature Page
2021-2022 Signature Page
2022-2023 Signature Page

Consent Form- This form gives the Office of Financial Aid permission to your financial aid information with those whom you identify.

Rights & Responsibilities Checklists - This form helps you understand your rights as a loan borrower.

Entrance Loan Counseling - To receive Stafford Loan funds under the Direct Loan Program, the US Department of Education requires each borrower to receive Entrance and Exit Counseling.
2016-2017 Online MPN Process
2017-2018 Online MPN Process
2021-2022 Online MPN Process
2022 - 2023 Online MPN Process

Exit Counseling 2017
Exit Counseling Process

Claflin Verification Worksheet - (FAFSA) has been selected for a review process called verification. Verification must be completed before you can be awarded. Worksheet for for Dependent and Independent Verification.
2016-2017 Verfication Worksheet
2017-2018 Verfication Worksheet
2019-2020 Verfication Worksheet
2020-2021 Verfication Worksheet
2021-2022 Verfication Worksheet
2022-2023 Verification Worksheet

Residency Form - Claflin University is required by South Carolina law to determine the resident classification of applicants and students for purposes of receiving state funds.
2016-2017 Residency Form
2017-2018 Residency Form
2019-2020 Residency Form
2020-2021Residency Form
2021-2022 Residency Form
2022-2023 Residency Form

Change of Marital Status
2016-2017 Form
2017-2018 Form
2019-2020 Form
2020-2021 Form
2021-2022 Form
2022-2023 Form

Withdrawal - When a student who has received federal financial aid funds (Title IV funds) leaves a school before the end of the semester or enrollment period, federal law requires Claflin University to calculate the percentage and amount of “unearned” financial aid funds that must be returned to the federal government.

Statement of Educational Purpose
2015-2016 Statement of Educational Purpose
2017-2018 Statement of Educational Purpose Form
2019-2020 Statement of Educational Purpose
2020-2021 Statement of Educational Purpose
2022-2023 Statement of Educational Purpose

Dependency Change Request 
2018-2019 Dependency Change Request Form
2019-2020 Dependency Change Request Form
2020-2021 Dependency Change Request Form
2021-2022 Dependency Change Request Form

High School Completion
Financial Aid 2018-2019 Verfication Worksheet
2017-2018 High School Completion Form
2019-2020 High School Completion Form
2020-2021 High School Completion Form
2021-2022 High School Completion Form
2022-2023 High School Completion Form 

Request Federal Tax Return Transcript from the IRS

Child Support Forms
2016-2017 Parent Child Support Received Form
2016-2017 Parent Child Support Paid Form
2016-2017 Student Child Support Received Form
2016-2017 Student Child Support Paid Form
2017-2018 Parent Child Support Received Form
2017-2018 Parent Child Support Paid Form
2017-2018 Student Child Support Received Form
2017 -2018 Student Child Support Paid Form
2019-2020 Parents Childs Support Paid
2019-2020 Parents Childs Support Received
2019-2020 Student Child Support Paid
2019-2020 Student Childs Support Received
2020-2021 Parents Childs Support Paid
2020-2021 Parents Childs Support Received
2021-2022 Parents Childs Support Paid
2021-2022 Student Childs Support Received

SNAP Forms
2016-2017 Student SNAP Form
2017-2018 Student SNAP Form
2019-2020 Students SNAP Form
2016-2017 Parent SNAP Form
2017-2018 Parent SNAP Form
2019-2020 Parents SNAP Form
2020-2021 Students SNAP Form
2021 2022 Students SNAP Form

SAP Application

South Carolina Certification Form
South Carolina Certification Form

Parent Plus Loan Not on FAFSA

2016 Summer School Application

VA Educational Benefits Certification Request

2020-2021 Parent Plus Denial Request Form
2021-2022 Parent Plus Denial Request Form
2022 -2023 Parent Plus Denial Request Form

Income Reduction Form 2021
Income Reduction Form 2022-2023

Institutional Aid Assistance Acknowledgement Form 21-22

2019-2020 File Checklist

alternative Loan options centered

Alternative Loan Options Centered
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