Academic Credit

All currently enrolled students who plan to enroll for classes at Claflin the following semester should register for that term. Students may not register initially at Claflin without having first received a letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office. Registration after a designated date results in the imposition of a late registration fee. Students must follow in sequence the curriculum elected by them. Required courses must take precedence over elective courses. All exceptions to registration regulations shall require the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Academic credit is recorded in semester hours. One fifty-minute lecture period per week for one semester, or the equivalent time in laboratory work, constitutes a semester hour.

Grades and Quality Points

The grading system set out below is for use by all departments at Claflin University:

To compute the career G.P.A. the total quality points must be divided by the total semester hours taken. A repeated course must only count once in the computation.

To compute the term G.P.A. the term quality points must be divided by the term semester hours taken.

Academic Classification and Credits

Freshman classification: 0-29 credit hours
Sophomore classification: 30-59 credit hours
Junior classification: 60-89 credit hours
Senior classification: 90 credit hours

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