2024 Employment Benefit Program

Because our employees’ physical health and overall well-being is essential to the success of Claflin’s family structure, we offer a variety of important benefits in health and dental coverage as well as retirement planning. Click the link for the 2024 Benefits Guide.

  • Health Insurance

    Claflin University continues to offer quality Medical and Prescription Drug coverage administered by EBMS-(Employee Benefits Management Services)

    We will use two network plans; Open Access Plan and Cigna Plan to allowing access to your medical providers of choice, both in South Carolina and across the Country when needed. Humana will provide dental coverage. ProCare will provide prescription drug benefits, allowing your choice in Pharmacies. A GAP Supplement through Nationwide (administered by Health Comp) will be used to lower your deductible and copay expenses.

    Health Plan
    Medical/GAP Supplemental &Dental
    Life Insurance/Prescription Drugs 

    Semi -Monthly Premiums: Feb 2024-Jan 2025 

    Open Access Plan  

    Employee only - $121.58                                                                                
    Employee only (annual salary under $35.000) - $84.67
    Employee/Spouse $262.71                                                                                     
    Employee/Child(ren)- $224.05                                                                            
    Family - $346.93                                                                                                      

    Cigna Plan    

    Employee only - $145.81
    Employee only (annual salary under $35.000) - $104.15
    Employee/Spouse $307.80
    Employee/Child(ren)- $269.42
    Family - $391.76
  • Vision Insurance

    Semi -Monthly Premiums

    We offer vision insurance with Humana. 

    Employee $5.46 
    Employee & Spouse $10.90 
    Employee & Child(ren) $11.04
    Family $16.95

    Vision Summary


  • Dental Insurance

    We offer dental only coverage with Humana for employees who have not enrolled in the major medical health insurance plan. It is strictly a voluntary cost, paid by employees only.

    Semi - Monthly Premiums: Feb 2024-Jan 2025

    Employee Only: $17.78 
    Employees & Spouse: $35.57 
    Employees & Child(ren): $42.82 
    Employees & Family: $64.72

    We provide payroll deductions for voluntary critical illness and group accident policies offered through SunLife Financial.

    Dental Summary

  • Long-Term Disability
    The long-term disability plan provides financial protection by paying a portion of one's income while out disabled. The plan pays 60% of one's monthly earnings once confirmed as disabled by a physician after 180 days. The disability claim must be approved by the carrier, Lincoln Financial Group.
  • Group Life And Accident Insurance
    All full-time employees are provided accident and life insurance in the amount of $30,000 at no cost to them. Optional and dependent life coverage is also available for purchase.
  • Retirement Program

    Claflin University offers two exceptional retirement plans. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF), one of the largest and most respected financial service providers in the world ensures the financial well-being of faculty and staff across America's education and research communities.

    TIAA Retirement Plan (403b)

    Employees may enroll in this plan after 12 months of consecutive service. He/she must contribute 4% of their annual salary at which time Claflin will match at 7.5%.

    TIAA Supplemental Annuity

    An employee may contribute at any time during their employment at their own discretion. This supplemental plan does not require a wait period nor does Claflin contribute any funds towards it.

  • LegalShield
    We allow payroll deductions for any employee electing to become a member of LegalShield prepaid legal services. Membership provides families with immediate access to quality legal protection for a low monthly fee. Visit LegalShield for detailed information.
  • Washington National
    We provide payroll deductions for voluntary cancer and heart/stroke policies offered through Conesco Insurance Company. Visit Conesco Insurance Company for company details.
  • Allstate Insurance
    We provide payroll deductions for universal life insurance and voluntary supplemental policies offered through Allstate Insurance Company. Visit Allstate Insurance Company for company details.
  • SAM'S Club Group Membership
    Sam’s Club Group Membership is available. Visit Sam’s Club for company details.
  • Leave Accruals

    Sick Leave

    All employees’ accrue 1 day of sick (4 hours per pay period) per month. You may accrue an unlimited amount of sick leave. Probation period is not required.

    Years of Service 
    Accrual Amount
    Annual Earnings 
    Per Pay Period (Hours) 
     6 months (credited)    
     7-12 months
     1 – 14   
     15 – 19 years    
     20 years or more    

    New hires will not receive any vacation leave until they have satisfied their six-month probationary period. Upon successfully completing the probationary period, employees will be credited with 40 hours of vacation leave.

    Maximum accumulations for vacation leave are as follows:
    7 months - 14 years = 20 days (160 hours)
    15 - 19 years = 30 days (240 hours)
    20 years or more = 40 days (320 hours)

    Vacation leave hours above the maximum accumulation will be deducted on July 1st of each year.

  • Pay Periods
    Claflin University has a semi-monthly pay period. Paychecks are issued twice a month on the 3rd and 18th of each month. Should either of those days fall on a Saturday or Sunday, checks are released the Friday before. Direct deposit is strongly recommended.
  • Long-Term Care Indemnity Plan
    We provide payroll deductions for voluntary long-term care policies offered through Unum. Visit Unum for company details.
  • Personal Accident Indemnity Plan

    We provide payroll deductions for voluntary accident and specified health event protection policies offered through Aflac. Visit Aflac for company details.

  • Voluntary Medical Gap Plan
    We provide payroll deductions for voluntary medical gap plan policies offered through Colonial Life Insurance Company. Medical gap plans are used as a supplement to your medical group plan and carry valuable surgical and hospital coverage. Visit Colonial Life Insurance Company for details.
  • Plan Document

    Self-funded Plan Document for Claflin University Group medical, dental, and short term disability plan.

    Plan Document 2021

  • FSA Qualified Expenses
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