Academic Withdrawal

Schedule Change and Withdrawal from Courses

Students may add courses to their schedules, drop courses from their schedules or change sections of a course to arrive at a workable schedule. All such changes require the approval of advisers and must be executed on forms provided by the Office of Records & Registration.

Courses dropped by students without following prescribed procedure shall be recorded with a failing grade.

Sometimes unusual circumstances may justify withdrawal from a course after the period for registration has ended. If the withdrawal occurs within a designated period after registration, a grade of “W” shall be recorded. If the withdrawal occurs at a later date, a grade of “WP” shall be recorded if the student was passing at the time of withdrawal and “WF” if the student was failing at the time of withdrawal. A “WF” grade will be considered to be an “F” for the purpose of computing the grade point average. A “WP” will be disregarded for this purpose.

Withdrawal from Claflin University

Any student wishing to withdraw from Claflin for any reason at anytime shall file a request for leave to withdraw from the institution with the Office of Records & Registration.

A student is entitled to withdraw from the institution without penalty provided he/she has a satisfactory cumulative grade point average, has arranged with the Business Office for the discharge of his/her financial obligations in a manner agreeable to the university, has arranged to vacate his/her room and leave it in good order, and is in good standing with the institution.

A student who fails to meet any of these requirements may be granted withdrawal without penalty only upon the recommendation of the Claflin official administering the requirement in question.

Students who withdraw after mid-term exams without documented evidence that there is dire necessity for said withdrawal meriting approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs will receive the grade of WF for all courses attempted that semester.

If a student is called to active duty, because of war or natural disaster, he/she may receive an official withdrawal from Claflin. A veteran or eligible person who withdraws from a class after midterm will receive a grade of “W”; except in cases where there are extenuating circumstances to warrant a “WP”.

Note: A student who fails to enroll at the university for the next consecutive semester without notifying appropriate Claflin officials of his/her intent to withdraw will be deemed to have withdrawn from the institution.

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