Department of Social Sciences Minors

A common question is "What is your major?" We encourage you to consider the question "What is your minor?" The Department of Social Sciences offer four minors: sociology, criminal justice, psychology, and political science.

Minoring in a specific area of study can enhance career opportunities after graduation. For example, an accounting major coupled with a criminal justice minor can lead to an interesting career in forensic accounting. A major in mass communication might enhance their knowledge of current social issues by minoring in sociology. The potential combinations are endless, and when thoughtfully engaged, minors can be a real benefit to students.

Minor Requirements

Each minor requires eighteen 18 hours of credits with a minimum grade of a “C” earned in each course. A minor can enrich a major, and may give you the edge you need in getting into graduate school or finding a job after graduation.

Criminal Justice

Want to understand criminal behavior and the justice system? A minor in Criminal Justice offers a variety of interesting course options, including. Your schedule might include the following: Introduction to Criminal Justice,  Judicial Administration; Criminology; Juvenile Justice or Juvenile Delinquency;  Criminal Law; and two courses from criminal justice electives.

Political Science

A minor in Political Science means you'll learn the ins and outs of government and political issues while focusing on another area of study. Your coursework might include the following: Introduction to Political Science; American Government; International Relations; and Comparative Politics.


Want to gain a better understanding of human group behavior? A minor in Sociology will enhance their professions in retail management, business, mass communication, the health care industry and human services to name a few. A minor in sociology is composed of 18 hours in course work. Students must take Introduction to Sociology, Marriage, Kinship and the Family, Social Organizations, Social Problems and two elective courses from our rich catalog of sociology courses.


A minor in Psychology will prepare you for graduate school or careers in human behavior-related fields including human and social services, marketing, media services, management, victims services, assisted-living, and health-related fields. Students in the minor complete 12 hours of Psychology core: Intro to Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology, and two upper-level electives of their choice for a total of 18-credit hours. The Psychology minor complements most majors on Claflin’s campus, providing students comprehensive knowledge and application of psychology to real-world experiences.

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