By the Numbers


By the Numbers is a row which displays a stylized grid of facts and images about the University. Number facts must be updated on an annual basis.

Adding and Editing By the Numbers

From the Content drop down at the top, select By the Numbers. To create a new by the numbers row, select the Create a By the Numbers button. To edit an existing one, click on the row from the list.


  • Title: title for the row; does not display on the site, for reference only
  • Facts: there are 6 facts which contain a number and description; the number is intended to be short and displays large at the top of the fact, the description is smaller and displays under the number in the fact
  • Images: there are 4 images which display in the grid along with the facts
Refer to the reference by the numbers row below to see where each fact and image appears when entered.
Section Navigation
  • Fact 1
    Face 1 - Description
  • numbers-1
  • Fact 2
    Fact 2 - Description
  • Fact 3
    Fact 3 - Description
  • numbers-2
  • Fact 4
    Fact 4 - Description
  • numbers-3
  • Fact 5
    Fact 5 - Description
  • numbers-4
  • Fact 6
    Fact 6 - Description
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