Alerts are important announcements that display at the top of the page throughout the entire site when marked to display

Adding and Editing Alerts

From the Content drop down at the top, select Alerts. To create a new alert, select the Create a alert button. To edit an existing one, click on the alert from the list.


  • Title: main title of the alert, displays at the top of the alert bar
  • Description: description of the alert, displays in the alert bar
  • Link Text: text for the link that displays in the alert bar
  • Link URL: URL for the link that displays in the alert bar
  • Alert Type: selection for type of alert
  • Display:  toggle whether or not to display an alert, check to show alert on the site

Displaying an alert 

To display an alert edit an existing alert or add a new one and select the display checkbox. Publish the alert. The most recently modified alert that is also set to display will display on the site.

Hiding an Alert

To hide an alert, open the alert which is displaying and uncheck the checkbox. Publish the alert and it will stop displaying.


  • Alert Display: template for displaying the alert bar
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