Philosophy and Religion

If you'd like to make a difference and change the world, consider a major in Philosophy and Religion!

Students who major in Philosophy and Religion are critical thinkers who study major questions and issues that have faced humanity and the global world. With an emphasis on social justice, civil and human rights, students explore various philosophical traditions, social philosophy, theology, and African American religious traditions, preparing them for a well-rounded career as a thought-leader in areas of Law, Governmental and Non-governmental service, academic disciplines, journalism, and international programs.


Students are required to complete 24 credit hours for the major in Philosophy and Religion. Courses range from Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics to Women in Religion. Courses are designed to help students become superb writers and critical thinkers who are able to reflect deeply on important matters that affect local and global communities.

Student Opportunities and Experience

Students who major in Philosophy and Religion will have numerous opportunities to travel and explore diverse experiences understanding cultural differences, ways of knowing, and the human quest for truth and understanding. Students will also have opportunities to see how critical thinking skills and writing functions on a local level in the lives of civil and human rights leaders, and persons who are deeply concerned about the human condition and ways to improve the lives of all people.

Careers and Outcomes

Careers in Philosophy and Religion include jobs in Civil and Human Rights, non-profit entities, faith-based organizations, teachers, practitioners in service driven industries as well.

Admissions Requirements

Students need to demonstrate promise in the areas of writing, research, and public speaking.

Claflin Academic Catalog

Courses & Requirements

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