Global Leadership Program

In today’s world ideas, cultures, products, media and people traverse national borders continuously. As a result, Claflin University alumni will increasingly work in international and global contexts and will need to understand, adapt to and practice concepts that could only have been imagined a few years ago. Leadership, citizenship, global competency and cross-cultural understanding have taken on new meanings and have become essential for the successful citizen of the new globalized world.

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is designed to prepare selected students as GLP fellows for global leadership roles in their chose fields by offering them the opportunity to develop international and interdisciplinary leadership skills focused around emergent global issues.

Description and Requirements

The Global Leadership Program offers an undergraduate certificate that prepares fellows to become lifelong learners in order to serve as internationally-minded, skilled, attuned, professional, and experienced leaders in all walks of life (commercial, governmental and nongovernmental, educational, etc.). The GLP certificate is not a degree-granting academic discipline but co-curricular certificate program which enhances other disciplines and distinguishes the fellow.

The program prepares fellows to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly and logically, be flexible and non-dogmatic, embrace ambiguity and complexity, and understand the world's challenging commercial, political, religious, and cultural issues.

Global Leadership Program does not offer traditional classes with lectures, tests, and papers. Instead, fellows work in project teams on real-world problems and issues. The project-based action learning approach challenges fellows to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to work in a rapidly changing world. The GLFP's core program consists of project-learning units, which spring from global issues. Action learning projects challenge fellows to determine what they need to know to solve the problem, how they are going to find the information they need, and how they are going to apply it. Project-based action learning also changes the role of faculty members; rather than providing the fellows with specific course content, faculty advise, consult and provide constant feedback on all aspects of a project, from research and analysis to report writing and presentations.

How to Complete the Program and Receive the GLP Certificate

  1. Participate in 4 GLP Colloquia (2 required “core” colloquia and 2 “elective”)
  2. Attend and network at international/global lectures and events (1 per semester)
  3. Participate in an international internship, employment, study abroad or GLP International Collaborative Consulting Project with the Sustainable Development and Social Justice programs or others at the University for Peace, Costa Rica; Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, Brazil or other Claflin University approved affiliated universities and institutes
  4. Engage in a range of international “experiences” at Claflin University and abroad
  5. Study a foreign language
  6. Complete the Leadership Skills Inventory, the Global Aptitude Inventory
  7. Complete an e-Portfolio (electronic portfolio) documenting the above and a personal resumé and personal goals statement

The GLP certificate program is open to all majors.

Leadership Outcomes

The Global Leadership Program strives to develop internationally-minded, locally-engaged leaders in all walks of life. Taking a hands-on approach to leadership training, the GLP engages fellows in six categories over the course of their undergraduate studies at Claflin University. Rather than reading about leadership, fellows are engaged in a problem- and project-based learning environment that encourages the development and appreciation of those leadership skills.

Implemented in a pre-test / post-test format, fellows will complete a Leadership Skills Inventory and a Global Perspective Inventory assessing a variety of skills sets, knowledge and attitudes, including the following.


  • Global perspective
  • Appreciation of global communication issues
  • Appreciation of global cultural issues
  • Understanding of the social responsibilities of individuals and organizations
  • Appreciation of global political issues
  • Self-awareness and self-appraisal
  • Appreciation of global commercial issues
  • Appreciation of global spiritual/religious issues
  • Knowledge of current international affairs


  • International communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creativity skills
  • Clear and logical oral communication skills
  • Clear and logical written communication skills
  • Scholarly research skills
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to define problems and projects
  • Ability to determine where needed information can be located
  • Ability to apply information to concrete, real-world situations
  • Teamwork skills, especially the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Presentation skills
  • General business skills
  • Ability in group problem solving
  • Ability for collaboration


  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Personal flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
  • Ethical awareness & action
  • Holistic, multidisciplinary, integrated approach to problems
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Independence
  • Satisfying and productive lifestyle
  • Appreciation of diversity (differences and commonalities)
  • Time management
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Goal setting
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Trust


The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is open to all domestic and international fellows seeking an undergraduate degree at Claflin University, demonstrating the University’s commitment to the core value of internationalization and to the importance of enhancing the competencies of its graduates. The GLP welcomes fellows from all disciplines, whether in the liberal arts or the professional schools.

Fellows shall have needs-based support for their international internship, employment, study abroad or GLP International Collaborative Consulting Project at Claflin University approved affiliated universities and institutes.

The core concepts of intercultural understanding, experiential learning and skills development promoted by the GLP will distinguish fellows as individuals prepared to assume roles as effective global citizens.

Global Leadership Program Objectives

  1. To develop a fellow’s leadership skills in a global context
  2. To support and develop interdisciplinary understanding of, and propose solutions to, urgent global issues 
  3. To establish an international collaboration on specific topics for scholarship
  4. To share learning with other classes and groups on campus
  5. To provide varied opportunities for Fellow and faculty engagement which interrelate leadership and academic professional topics

The GLP fellowship adds value to any Claflin University degree by providing:

  • Another framework for integrating study abroad experiences into personal, academic, and professional growth
  • Opportunities for increased global awareness and socially responsible citizenship
  • Leadership skills development within an international and global context
  • An enhanced intercultural understanding
  • Evidence of extra-curricular learning on resumes
  • Interaction with distinguished scholars and inspiring professionals
  • A network of peers striving for international and global personal and professional development

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