Undergraduate Student Research

Undergraduate Student Research is the opportunity for students to explore a specific topic within their field of study, guided by faculty researchers.

  • Research Activity Process
    Students participating in undergraduate student research should follow the steps below:

    Research activity process  

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    At the completion of the student research, students will be able to:

    • Use and articulate terminology and theory in the research area
    • Articulate a research question and hypothesis
    • Use appropriate research methodology
    • Demonstrate knowledge of existing body of works related to research topic
    • Understand and practice research ethics
    • Apply problem solving skills in research study
    • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and work collaboratively with others
    • Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions and listen effectively
    • Articulate the relevance of the research to coursework 
    • Articulate research findings to other researchers in their discipline
  • Evaluation
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