It has been said that history is the gateway to the future. The Department of Humanities offers a dynamic History program with top scholars and teachers in the field of History. Students will discover powerful insights about the world and their own unique cultural identity through an exciting engagement with History in a variety of areas--African and African American History, World History, Asian History, the history of Women, and more!

The History Program at Claflin University is for all students and majors. We offer a major and minor in History and provide several general education courses for the entire Claflin University community as well. The focus of the History Program includes, but is not limited to, culture, politics and history, literature, art, music, religion and contemporary issues. History professors help students make creative connections to their own immediate cultural and social context, and the rich vitality of history around the world.


In the History program, majors and minors in History will matriculate through a number of courses, including: African American History before and after 1865, Women in History, Fundamentals of Research, Contemporary Historical Studies, the Civil Rights Movement, Slave Kingdoms, South Carolina History, and much more. Majors are required to complete at least 24 credit hours in the History program, in addition to General Education curriculum courses. Minors will need at least 18 credit hours in the History program.

Student Opportunities and Experience

Internships and study abroad opportunities are available. Many students enjoy a number of enriching opportunities to learn and grow in various sites across South Carolina and nationally. Study abroad opportunities are available around the world in collaboration with the International Studies and Study Abroad program also.

Careers and Outcomes

Many students who major and minor in History go on to pursue dynamic careers as teachers and professors, librarians, lawyers, archivists, curators, biologists, clergy, surgeons, entrepreneurs, physicians, activists, politicians, and performing artists.

From the program in History, students will become:

  1. Critical thinkers, writers, and speakers in the area of History.
  2. Dynamic researchers and archivists, harnessing tools to research, reflect, analyze, and produce creative and exciting historical insights that can impact policy and human awareness.
  3. Thought leaders in History and the ways in which History impacts the daily lives of citizens, learning communities, and policy.
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Courses & Requirements

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