Flickr Row


The Flickr row pulls in a live feed from Claflin's Flickr account. Update Flickr frequently for this row to stay up to date. Try to post selective and unique images to keep the feed lively and interesting.

This component is designed to be used in the Components content area of the templates.

Adding and Editing

The Flickr Row is set up as a shared content block

  1. Add a Content block widget to the Components content area
  2. Click Select from existing shared content
  3. Click on Flickr Row
  4. Directly under the Flickr Row content block, add a JavaScript widget (located under the Scripts and Styles group)
  5. Click Set JavaScript
  6. Click Write JavaScript
  7. Paste the following code into the text area: getFlickrFeed(8, '#flickr .snapshots');
  8. Under the Where to include in HTML? option, select Where the widget is dropped
  9. Click Save


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