Department of English Minors

The Department of English currently offers five minors. These minor programs (18 credit hours each) are in English, Creative Writing, Drama, Gender Studies, and American Studies. A certificate program (12 credit hours) in Gender Studies is also available. All of the minor programs strengthen skills in professional writing, critical reading, and communication that are needed for 21st century careers.


The English Minor requires eighteen (18) hours of upper level English courses. This minor strengthens skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing. This minor is useful for students entering both graduate school and careers that require professional writing.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Minor requires eighteen (18) hours of creative writing courses. This minor enhances skills in self-expression, critical reading, and writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.


Students minoring in Drama complete eighteen (18) semester hours to be selected from such specific courses as Introduction to Drama, Elements of Stagecraft, Voice and Diction, Dramatic Literature, Theatre Production, and Modern Drama. Drama minors are usually involved in two theatrical productions each year. Drama students may also perform with the Pulse Dance Company. This minor is suitable for enhancing poise, confidence, and skills in both non-verbal and oral communication.

Gender Studies

Students minoring in Gender Studies must complete eighteen (18) semester hours comprised of core courses and electives. Interdisciplinary courses offered include Introduction to Gender Studies, Women In Literature, Men and Masculinities in Literature, Feminist Theory, Special Topics in Leadership, Women’s History, and Women in Religion. This minor is very helpful for understanding how gender identities are constructed in contemporary society and how gender influences behavior and actions. Courses in Gender Studies are useful for professions that involve working with the general public.

American Studies

The minor in American Studies requires eighteen (18) semester hours in such approved American Studies courses as American Literature, History, Political Sciences, Philosophy, Religion, and African-American Art. Minors develop their skills in effective writing, logical thinking, and critical analysis as they investigate specific aspects of the American experience and character. This minor is helpful for students who plan to work with careers in government and law.

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