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Welcome to Claflin! Here is your starting point

Your college journey begins with Early Registration Day. This program is designed to help you transition to college at Claflin University and build a strong foundation for success. Whether virtually or in person, Early Registration Day is mandatory for all incoming freshman and transfer students. Below we offer several options to choose from.

We have outlined your pre-arrival checklist. If you did not complete by July 1st, please call our office for assistance at (803) 535-5382

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Click HERE to view the Welcome Panther
New Student Orientation Guide

Checklist to complete Before july 1, 2023

All new students are required to complete each step of the following checklist.

STEP 1     Pay your $120 Fee ($60 for Housing $60 Orientation Fee)
To pay your fee, you'll need to log in to
My Claflin and click on the Candidate or Student tab, then make an online payment using the Cashnet My Info portlet. You'll need your Claflin ID and PIN from your letter of acceptance! (We recommend logging in via computer to gain access to MyClaflin)

STEP 2     OPEN and READ your Claflin email at least once per week.  Click here to review the instructions to access your Claflin email.  Missing your email information?  Contact helpdesk@claflin.edu

STEP 3     Don't miss out on financial aid deadlines.  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before June 30, 2023.  Be sure to add our school code 003424

STEP 4     Register for ONE Early Registration Day event.
Please note your registration confirmation will be sent to your Claflin email.

STEP 5     Read emails from your Academic Advising Team. You will receive a special invitation to you Claflin email address from the Academic Advising Team to complete two important surveys. Please complete before the deadline. 

STEP 6    Submit your FINAL high school transcript and any college transcripts to the Office of Admissions  |  email to mike.zeigler@claflin.edu  

STEP 7     Log onto MyClaflin to access your academic class schedule.  Schedules are created by your academic advisor. Please contact advising team with any questions you may have. (We recommend logging in via computer to gain access to MyClaflin)

 STEP 8     Email your professional photo for your student ID card to pantherID@claflin.edu (if you are attending an Early Registration Day, your photo may be taken at that time.)

STEP 9     Submit Immunization and Health Records to Student Health   |  hhayes@claflin.edu

STEP 10    Confirm your Financial Clearance.  Log onto MyClaflin.  
(We recommend logging in via computer to gain access to MyClaflin)

STEP 11    How to Apply For ADA Services  (If necessary)

STEP 12    Learn More About Campus Dining

STEP 13    Planning to live on campus? Complete the Housing Application  |  Contact Residential Life at dbeckford@claflin.edu.   Housing Instruction Update

Step 14     Sign up for Panther Alerts (Emergency Messaging) and download Panther X (our Claflin app)

Panther x

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