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The Royal Court

Please see the eligibility and application requirements; as well as the timeline for students interested in running for a position on the royal court. 

Eligibility to Compete Requirements

  • Attend the Royal Court Interest Meeting
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA and 2.8 Semester GPA  - At the time of application and maintained throughout reign
  • Remain in good financial standing with the institution and meet annual academic and financial registration deadlines
  • Participate in the Royal Court Pageant & Showcase (weighted at 70% pageant/showcase; and 30% student body vote)
  • Onstage Question and Answer
  • Formal Wear
  • Talent
  • Private Interview 
  • Platform Presentation
  • Business Attire
  • Enrolled as a full-time student at Claflin University for the upcoming fall and spring semesters (minimum of 15 credit hours) at the time of competition and throughout reign.
  • NO Judicial/disciplinary record within or outside the institution
  • Demonstrated Sterling Attributes of Character supported by letters recommendations
  • Complete and submit the Application Packet by the deadline
  • Complete and submit the SGA required documents for official entry on the ballot by deadline
  • Participate in all Leadership Development Workshops and Rehearsals as scheduled
  • Cannot run or hold any leadership position within any University organization (i.e., SGA, SAB)
  • Earned the following credit hours and time at institution: 
    • Miss Claflin, Mister Claflin, Miss Senior, Mister Senior (90+ hours) - enrolled for 3 consecutive academic years as a full-time student
    • Miss Junior and Mister Junior (60+ hours) – enrolled at the institution for at least two consecutive academic years as a full-time student
    • Miss Sophomore and Mister Sophomore (30+ hours) – enrolled at the institution for at lease one academic year.
    • Miss Freshman and Mister Freshman (enrolled in at least 15 credit hours; 3.0 HSGPA) – enrolled as a first-year freshman entering the institution from high school.
    • All credit hours and classification must be met by the end of the spring semester.  Candidates who do not meet the credit hour criteria or GPA will be replaced.

Application Requirements:

  • Personal Information
  • Academic Credentials
  • Leadership/Community Service/Extracurricular Involvement
  • Platform
  • CU Royal Court Essay: Why you should be next (position? And What legacy/impact you would like to leave should you win your desired title as part of the CU Royal Court
  • Two character/leadership reference letters
  • One-page Resume
  • 5x7 color headshot 
Royal Court Timeline

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, April 6, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

For questions or concerns regarding the application, please feel free to contact Dr. Denver Malcom Key, at, or 803-535-5604.

Personal Information

Academic Credentials

Leadership/Community Service/Extracurricular Involvement

Platform: Submit as an attachment (must be typed – double spaced!) – this is used for your oratory for the pageant/showcase.  Keep this in mind when developing this part.

Use the following questions and statements to address your platform. Write what you feel is critical for the judges to know about your platform and why it is necessary for you to have the desired position as part of the CU Royal Court to promote this issue.  What you write will be what the judges know about your platform, your role in successfully dealing with this issue, and the role Claflin University may play in your plan.  This list of questions should be used as a guide to assist with writing your platform…… (your platform should be written in paragraph/essay format)

  1. What is your platform title? Define your platform? (provide a clear definition and the specific issues you wish to address)

  2. Does your platform support or connect to a National organization? If yes, what organization?  And how?

  3. How will your platform issue impact your peers?

  4. How will your platform impact or support the local community?

  5. How will your platform impact and connect to society globally?

  6. How will your platform support or move the mission and vision of Claflin University forward?

  7. How do you plan to create awareness about your platform?

  8. How do you plan to change attitudes and behaviors regarding this issue?

  9. You can also address any media plans, marketing strategies, funding ideas or plans.

Address any significant accomplishments you may already had in regards to this issue.

Platform Statement

Additional Application Attachments (upload below)

  1. 5X7 color headshot of contestant (.jpg file)

  2. Resume (1 page, single-sided) (.doc, .docx or .pdf file)

  3. Two (2) character/leadership reference letters (.doc, .docx or .pdf file)

  4. CU Royal Court Essay:  Submit a one page typed essay describing, “Why you should be the next (position)” and “What legacy you would like to leave” should you win your desired title as part of the CU Royal Court. (.doc or .pdf file)

Color headshot
Character reference #1
Character reference #2
CU Royal Court Essay
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