Early Alert Program Structure

Early Alert Process/Follow-Up (How Does it All Work?)

Faculty are encouraged to refer students using the TutorTrac SAGE (Early Alert) software. The team is seeking full support and commitment from the office of the Provost, Deans, and Chairperson to encourage faculty to use the early alert system to identify students who may face academic challenges. To refer students, faculty will:

  • Identify students who may be facing challenges with completing the course successfully
  • Log in Tutortrac using your Claflin University username and password
  • Click on the course in which the referred student is enrolled
  • Locate the student’s name and click on the early alert quick link button
  • Complete the form and submit
  • The early alert is forwarded to the referring faculty, student, advisor, and Academic Success Center
  • The student message will inform him/her to meet with the Academic Success Center within three days, course referred, and reason for referral.
  • Once the student responds to the early alert, the Academic Success Center meets with the student to discuss the faculty concerns and provide options for academic support
  • The Academic Success Center will close the early alert with a follow up with an email to the faculty and advisor of the action plan developed
  • The Academic Success Center will monitor and track referred students’ progress throughout the semester

Seven Steps to a Successfully Referral

  1. Determine if your referral is appropriate for an academic referral or attendance referral
  2. Inform students in advance that they are being referred for additional support
  3. Offer students strategies that will assist with their success in course; as well as, how you are able to provide additional academic support
  4. Encourage students to utilize the support service resources available on campus
  5. Inform students about Early Alert by placing the following statement in your syllabus

    The Claflin University Early Alert Program is designed to assist you with your academic success. Should your instructor determine that you need additional help, you will be referred to the Academic Success Center. The Academic Success Center will assist you in successfully completing the course.

  6. Let students know that Early Alert is not a punishment or negative intervention, but a team effort on our part to promote student learning and outcomes which lead to their successful matriculation and graduation
  7. Encourage students whom you have referred to report to our office regarding the referral. This will help us to address the concerns you voiced in your referrals in a more efficient and timely manner.
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